The 30 Best Sex Toys to Enhance Your Love Life

If you want to make pleasure your business, these are the tools of the trade.

Make no mistake about it: We are living in a golden age of sex toys. We're talking about sex toys that are beautifully designed, increasingly marketed toward couples, and often boast seamless integration with the devices we already use to manage so many other areas of our lives. Oh, and they're way more likely to scramble our minds with pleasure than ever before.

Below is a list of the 30 best sex toys for him and for her—and for both—all of which you should seriously consider if your toy box is looking a little uninspired or outdated. The best part? Almost all of these items are available on Amazon.

For Her: The Vesper by Crave

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From $69; buy now at Amazon

If you're torn between whether to surprise your partner with either a vibrator or an item of jewelry, Crave's Vesper has you covered. It's a slim, sleek, feminine, four-speed stainless steel vibrator and one of the view sex toys (if any!) that users can wear around their neck. Described as "versatile and provocative," all three Vesper models (silver, rose gold, 24-carat plat) are available on Amazon and start at $69 plus shipping, but if you'd like it engraved with a personalized message, you'll need to purchase one of these sex toys directly from the manufacturer and fork out an extra $10. 

 For Him: Tenga Easy Beat

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$31; buy now at Amazon

A ton of thought was put into the design of a peculiar male masturbator called the Tenga Easy Beat. Each stretchy, pre-lubricated masturbation sleeve looks like an egg and—get this—they are sold in half-dozen cartons. There are 12 varieties of these sex toys in total, each having its own texture and feel. You can use each one of them several times, as long as you wash them with a little soap and water between each experience.


 For Both: The Lelo Tiani 2

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From $104; buy now at Amazon

When making the 2nd iteration of this beautifully designed remote controlled pleasure-giver, the good people at Lelo decided to double the power. It can be used when she's playing solo but she can also wear it when you're having intercourse which means that you both get the benefits of this souped up little number. If you really want to push the boat out, you can get a version of this that's adorned with a 24 karat gold ring for $277.

 For Her: Lelo Ora 2

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$168; buy now at Amazon

One of the most elegant of sex toys, the Ora 2 is possibly the last word in an oral sex simulation for women. The beauty recently won the Cannes Lions award for Product Design thanks to its beautiful form and swirling, tongue-like nub under the surface of the silky silicone. It also features SenseTouch, which increases the intensity of the vibrations on contact with your body.


 For Both: Original Magic Wand

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From $89; buy now at Amazon

Known as the "Cadillac of Vibrators," this device has a quite the story attached to it. Hitachi started selling these powerful, two-speed, plug-into-the-wall devices in the 1960s for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles. Soon after, legendary sex-educator Betty Dodson popularized the Magic Wand's other, devastatingly effective application as a clitoral vibrator. In 2008, The Scientific World Journal published research that found that over 93% of a group of 500 chronic anorgasmic women could reach orgasm using the Magic Wand and the "Betty Dodson Method."

But by the late 1990s, the folks at Hitachi grew increasingly concerned that the company name was now so closely connected with a sex aid. (They were further spooked when they couldn't keep up with consumer demand in the wake of a 2002 Sex in the City episode that extolled the wand's potency.) Fearing that the brand was being besmirched by the wand's success, Hitachi temporarily ceased production in 2013.

But exclusive U.S. distributor Vibratex persuaded the company to continue manufacturing it under the name "Original Magic Wand" with the Hitachi name omitted. In 2016, the company released an award-winning new version of the wand that is both rechargeable and sports four speeds and four preset patterns. Both the new cordless and time-tested two-speed version of the wand are available on Amazon as are a number of "aftermarket" attachments made by other companies that are designed for all wands and all genders. Attachments like…

For Her: Shibari Magic Wand Triad Attachment 

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$10; buy now at Amazon

This attachment is truly a triple threat, designed to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, and anus simultaneously. For only $10, that's a lot of bang for your buck.    

For Him: Shibari Magic Wand Hummingbird Attachment 

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$12.75; buy now at Amazon

Compared to the number of add-ons designed to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot, there aren't that many wand attachments to stimulate the penis. Maybe that's because no one has yet improved upon the Hummingbird: a soft, knobbly, snug, ribbed, rubbery tube that the man slides his lubed penis into. Effective and efficient, this attachment is great for getting you to where you need to go in short order.

 For Both: Njoy Pure Wand 

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$75; buy now at Amazon

Like the Hitachi/Original Magic Wand, the NJoy Pure Wand has achieved near mythical status among users. Put it on your coffee table and this heavy, curved, ball-ended, stainless steel implement makes an arresting object d'art. (And in the hands of the wrong person, it could be deadly.) But used to stimulate a woman's g-spot or a man's p-spot—the prostate—the Pure Wand can make dreams come true.

Sex coach Kenneth Play recommends the use of a the g-spot stimulating Pure Wand in tandem with the Magic Wand on the clitoris with the aim of helping your female-partner ejaculate…a little something he calls a "blended squirting orgasm."

 For Her: The Womanizer, Black Leopard 

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From $90; buy now at Amazon

The name is a little odd—and the animal print design on the toy's exterior is a little corny—but fans are more than happy to put up with those aspects given what the thing delivers: endless orgasms. The Womanizer range features something called PleasureAir technology, which enables the clitoris to be stimulated without direct contact. The toy creates a seal around the clitoris then sucks and vibrates. Fans say it's like having unlimited anytime cunnlingus in your purse.

 For Both: Ring-O's by Screaming O 

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$5; buy now at Amazon

Cock-rings work by restricting blood flow from the penis thereby creating an extremely engorged erection. The Ring-O is stretchy, meaning that it's safer than metal rings, which have no give. Still, wearing one for more than 30 minutes at a time is probably not a good idea. He's going to wear the ring—but, given this very simple product's ability to maximize the size and rigidity of his penis, his partner is likely going to get some value out of it too.

 For Her: The Rabbit Habit

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$40; buy now at Amazon

Remember how a 2002 shout out on Sex in the City meant that Vibratex couldn't meet customer demand for the Hitachi Magic Wand (as it was then-called)? Well, four years prior, Sarah Jessica Parker and company did Vibratex another solid by name-checking the Rabbit-style vibrator. The Rabbit gets it name because the part that stimulates the clit looks like bunny ears. It also has a rotating shaft designed to stimulate the G-spot while tumbling, pearl-like balls excite the opening. The most recent iteration of the Rabbit is the Rabbit Habit Deluxe, which will set you back about $40. 


 For Him: Hugo by Lelo

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From $171; buy now at Amazon

Hugo is the world's most powerful remote control vibrating prostate massager. Like all Lelo products, it's beautifully designed and made from fully waterproof silicone. You can wirelessly control the massager from up to 12 meters with Lelo's trademark motion-sensitive controller. It has eight exciting settings, opening up endless pleasurable possibilities when he's solo or playing while "activated."

 For Her: The Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulator 

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$40; buy now at Amazon

This fun gizmo is designed to simulate the feeling of cunnilingus. To that end, it's equipped with a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues, 3 powerful speeds, and 3 preset patterns that approximate light shudders, intense pulsations, and fast licks. 

 For Him: Autoblow 2.0 

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$160; buy now at Autoblow

The Autoblow 2.0 is a "crowdfunded oral sex robot for men." It's a little bulky, sure, and looks like a 48-ounce Thermos with a power cord hanging out of it. But interchangeable, easy-to-clean skin-like sleeves come in 3 sizes to accommodate dudes of every size. Put your knob inside and three rows of beads start rubbing your penis to simulate oral ecstasy.


 For Both: Rebellious Ryan by Sexflesh

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$16; buy now at Amazon

Want that filled up feeling while having your hands free to play with your clit, condition your hair, or take care of a little admin you didn't get done at the office? Then get yourself a Rebellious Ryan—it's a 9-inch realistic dildo with a ton of girth that you can stick to a wall or the floor.

 For Her: Fling by Nobessence Wooden G-Spot Dildo

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$129; buy now at Amazon

There's only one wooden toy on this list: The Fling G spot dildo, and it's going to add a little class to your toy-box. One end features an opening that acts as a perfect handle during solo or partnered play. Because of its shape, this toy is great for penetration in conjunction with oral sex.

 For Both: The We Vibe 4 Plus 

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$94; buy now at Amazon

This guy works with an an app. Use it to control the vibrator from across the room or across the world (as long as you have strong WiFi). It's great for when one of you is out of town on business—or just too lazy to walk in and out of rooms trying to find one another. In the event that you do actually have old school intercourse at some point, you'll be pleased to know that the We Vibe 4 Plus can also can be worn during sex, turning it into a vibrator for both of you.

 For Him: Oxballs Cocksling 

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From $17; buy now at Amazon

Yet another iteration of the cock-ring, a cock-sling differs in that it wraps around the testicles as well as the penis, effectively stretching your plums out and pulling them them away from the body.

 For Her: Tingle Tip Toothbrush Attachment Vibrator

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$8; buy now at Amazon

Compatible with most Braun Oral-B toothbrushes, this plastic attachment turns one of the world's best selling toothbrushes into a sex toy—pretty neat.

 For Him: Pfun Plug by NJoy

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$64; buy now at Amazon

It's almost as though the folks at NJoy actively set out to design a butt plug reminiscent of the T-1000 from Terminator 2. It looks like liquid metal and is specifically engineered to target a man's p-spot. "Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user's own muscles in hands-off mode, the Pfun Plug prods the P-spot with precision," say the makers.

 For Her: The Duet Vibrator by Crave 

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$149; buy now at Amazon

It's becoming clear that over at Crave, they put an emphasis on elegance and beauty with their sex toys. (If you'll recall, they make the wearable Vesper from the top of this list.) The Duet is designed to deliver powerful and precise vibration for her clitoris and comes equipped with four vibration patterns and four intensity levels, enabling a variety of sensations. The detachable electroplated base is so discreet that your co-workers would never guess the sort of evening you're preparing for.

 For Both: SVAKOM Wendy

$49; buy at Amazon

It's another great looking, vibrating cock-ring, to be sure—but the Svakom Wendy is designed with female pleasure in mind, as implied by the fact that it has a woman's name. Stretchy enough to accommodate any sized member, it's also waterproof, meaning that you can incorporate it into sexy-time shower fun


For Him: The Fleshlight

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$65; buy now at Amazon

Whereas some sex toys are sophisticated, chic, and discreet, the Fleshlight is….not. It's a male masturbator that looks like a flashlight that has a silicone approximation of a vulva at one end. But, hey, it does the job, and word is out. Eight million of these have been sold so far, making it one of the best-selling sex toys in the world.

 For Her: The Slap Happy Plus Vibrator

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$14; buy now at Amazon

They call this one the Swiss Army Knife of vibrators. Why? Because in addition to being waterproof, this crowdfunded renaissance sex tool features an ergonomic shape for clitoral stimulation, a shaft to hit the G-spot, and a flat side to use as a spanker.

 For Both: The Bootie by Fun Factory

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$40; buy now at Amazon

If you're an anal neophyte, the idea of putting something up there can seem daunting. But don't fret: The Bootie by Fun Factory is one of the sex toys that's anything but intimidating—it's slightly larger than a big dude's thumb. Firm, and completely absent of painful ridges, plus featuring a soft, near-velvet texture, it's great for both guys and gals.

 For Her: Stronic Drei by Fun Factory

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$150; buy now at Amazon

Don't call it a vibrator. It's a pulsator. What's the difference? A pulsator goes back and forth, the armadillo-like ridges of the curved shaft kneading her g-spot.


 For Both: Je Joue Mio

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$65; buy now at Amazon

The Ring-O (from above) is as simple as a cock-ring gets. For something a little more dynamic try the Mio by Je Joue. It comes with five levels of intensity and patterns, including a unique "rumbling" sensation. One Amazon customer wrote that in addition to the vibrations feeling great for the wearer, it actually turns your penis into a vibrator—which is something that she might not be mad at. What's more, you don't even have to be around for her to use it: it can be used as a clitoral vibrator too.

 For Him: Helix Sin by Aneros

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$70; buy now at Aneros

The winner of the Xbiz male pleasure product of the year, the The Helix Syn features the silky smoothness of "velvet touch" silicone for a more comfortable introduction to prostate massage. It has a solid inner frame, allowing the Syn to maintain the rigidity necessary for the mind-blowing prostate stimulation experiences Aneros stakes their reputation on. 

 For Her: Frisky Labia Spreader

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$15; buy now at Amazon

Getting unfettered access to the clitoris can be tricky sometimes. That's why some enterprising minds came up with a silicone labia spreader. You bend it in half, slip it inside—the bump in the middle helps stimulate the G-spot, as a bonus—and voila: hands-free labia spreading that exposes the clitoris for fuss-free oral.

 For Him: Bootie Ring by Fun Factory

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$45; buy now at Amazon

Many sex toys that are for guys on this list are variants of either cock-rings or prostate massages. It was only a matter of time before people started engineering toys that combined the two. And one of the best-rated out there is the Bootie Ring from Fun Factory. Enjoy. 

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