27 Sizzling New Sex Games Every Couple Should Play

Meet the most fun ways to re-ignite your sex life.

If self-help books and couples counselors are to believed, changing up aspects of your sex life will likely improve it. But a 2016 a research paper authored by Heather Morton, Ph.D., provided some scientific backup. In particular, her studies uncovered a direct connection between engaging in novel activities and sexual desire and satisfaction in women. And one of the best novel activities you can possibly engage in? Sex games. Yes. Sex games.

What are sex games, you ask? Well, these are games made for the privacy of your bedroom, and they're designed to provoke couples to interact freely and explore their fantasies, all in the interest of having fun and heating things up. Herewith, we've compiled all of the best new sex games, from the best sex games available for purchase to the sex games that require only your imagination, that every adventurous couple needs to try. So read on, and good luck!

The best sex games you can play with no equipment 

best sex games couple blindfolded sex game

1. Guess the body part

All you need for this fun game is a blindfold and yourselves. Once the blindfoldee is deprived of his or her sight, select a part of their body and put it in contact with a part of yours. Can their knee detect whether that's your breasts or your butt? If they get it right, the guesser gets a special prize of your own choosing.

2. Fantasy grab

You and your partner write down a number of sex fantasies you've yet to share with each other on pieces of paper. Some might be things that you can do immediately—such as a sex position you haven't tried—while others might be things that require a little prep or planning, like having a threesome or sex on the beach. While this game may result in you trying some new things, the act of sharing will bring you and your partner together.

3. Dare

It's like Truth or Dare, already one of the best sex games ever, but with less talk and more action. Give each other fun-in-the-moment dares, like "I dare you take off my clothes without using your hands," or task-based dares when you are apart, such as, "send me a naughty text when you're in a meeting tomorrow."

4. The Feedback Game

Why tell your partner how you like to be stimulated when you can show them? And why show them when you can integrate it into one of the most fun sex games there is?

Start by getting naked, getting comfortable, and sitting on the bed facing one another. The first person licks, kisses, squeezes, and stimulates the other how he or she would like to be teased for exactly one minute, and then their partner responds in kind.

5. Have a sexy binge watch

While watching your favorite shows, agree that certain things happening on the screen will trigger certain sex acts. Take Game of Thrones. Every time Circe drinks some wine, you kiss. When a dragon breathes fire, you pause to make out. And when some austere northerner reminds us that winter is, ahem, coming—or a Lannister mentions their famed credit-worthiness—one of you must be brought to orgasm by the other.

6. Revisit 7 Minutes in Heaven

Cincinnati, Ohio. Okay, maybe that's not the first place that comes to mind when you think of daring sexual fun. Still, the Queen City is the location of the first recorded game of "7 Minutes in Heaven" in the early 1950s. Just like this teenage mainstay, you and your partner enter an enclosed space for seven minutes—set a timer as you won't have a bunch of rowdy teens counting down for you—and get up to whatever you'd like short of intercourse. Not only is it a fun way to revisit your youth, but it may also be a pragmatic way to get a little privacy.

7. Roleplay Roulette

This game is the perfect opportunity to get some value out of one-worn Halloween costumes that are gathering dust in your home. Take the naughty nurse, the firefighter, the Mexican wrestler, and the French maid outfits, and shove them all into a bag and, similar to the fantasy grab, use whatever you pull out as the jumping off point for something novel and fun.

Let the outfit inform your role play. Think of it as a lightning round of Whose Line Is It Anyway? that would never be broadcast on television.

8. Sex scene

You and your partner each think of a memorable movie-sex scene. Got 'em? Good. Rewatch them together and then perform them together. And….ACTION!

9. Hide and Seek

Do you have the house to yourselves? It's time to revisit a game you likely haven't played in years. As an adult, you can add a twist of your choosing to make getting found that much more eventful.

10. Sex toy grab bag

Sex toys have come along way in the past decade or so and, whatever your gender, it's worthwhile investigating what's on offer. If you're already there (maybe you were convinced by our sex toy round up), put your entire sex toy arsenal into a bag and, like a Powerball draw, reach in and grab something to use together. Set a timer and see what you can get out of using your selected toy for five or ten minutes. It's a fun way to let fate shape your evening.

11. 30 Seconds

Get naked. Get comfortable. Start a timer for 30 seconds. Who ever is "it" is has to use the 30 seconds to try and give their partner other as much pleasure as they possibly can. Think 30 seconds doesn't sound like enough time? It's not supposed to be. It's a game designed to leave the person hungry for more.

12. Porn karaoke

For this, one of the best internet-based sex games, you and your partner will pick a few porn clips that you both really respond to. Replicate the mood, the positions, the technique, and the intensity as best you can. But a word to the wise: porn is to sex what WWE is to wrestling, so take this foray into sex karaoke as a bit of fun and nothing more.

13. Orgasm race

To play, you and your partner like naked side by side and, from a standing start, each bring yourself to orgasm via masturbation. Perhaps the first one over the finish line gets to help out their competitor with a little oral, manual, or visual stimulation. If, after a few showdowns you find that you're pretty evenly matched, you can use this game as an X-rated alternative to Rock-Paper-Scissors to see determine who performs the unappetizing household chore.

14. Quarters

Fifty cents doesn't buy much these days, but in the context of sex games, it could seriously enhance your regularly scheduled sex play. To play, ask your partner to take a seat and put both their hands palm down on the table. Put a quarter on the back of each of their hands and then take 10 minutes to do things to cause those coins to drop. If they still have the coins on the back of their hands when the 10 minutes is up, they get to keep the 50 cents.

15. Sexy suits

If the only material you have to hand is a plain-old deck of playing cards, fret not! You've got all you need!

Assign each suit a sexy meaning. For example, clubs could represent kissing, diamonds manual stimulation, spades oral, and hearts sensation play. Take the number on the card and multiply it by ten. This is the amount of time in seconds that the activity is going to last. Shuffle the deck, place the deck face down and start picking. Oh, and don't forget to set a timer as you may lose track! This is one of the best sex games for randomizing what you do next and how long you do it for.

The best sex games you can buy online

best sex games sex toys
via Amazon.com

16. Roll the dice

$16; buy now at Amazon

Instead of numbers, these sex die show body parts. The body part that faces up when the die is rolled must then be kissed, sucked, squeezed, licked, etc. It may seem like a party favor from a bachelorette party, but many people attest to sex dice's ability to revitalize their outercourse game.

17. XXXopoly

$35; buy now at Amazon

A riff on one of the most enduring and ubiquitous board games of all time, XXXopoly is just as morally problematic as the original, though much simpler and, let's face it, way more fun. Players roll the dice and land on a sexual space replete with a sexual act ranging from foreplay penetrative sex.

Whenever your partner lands on a sexual space you own, they perform that specific sexual act on you. Not feeling like doing what the square is telling you to do? No problem. You simply pay a fine to get out of it.

18. Nookii: The Grown-Up Game for Playful Couples

$25; buy now at Amazon

Nookii is a best-selling sex-themed board game, and it comes with three levels of intensity. "Mmmm", "Oooh," and "Aaah," which correspond to warm-ups, role play, and explorative-action tasks. Every task is timed giving it a sense of excitement.

19. The Kama Sutra board game

$34; buy now at Amazon

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text written by Vātsyāyana. It was first translated into English in 1883, making it accessible to Western audiences for the first time. If you've read it, you'll already be aware that just 20% of the book's content is concerned with sexual positions. The Kama Sutra board game, however, is 100% concerned with sexual positions and 100% designed with the goal of you and your partner trying as many as possible during gameplay.

The game's manufacturers claim to have "interpreted this great work and offer it to a couple as an interactive game experience. The Kama Sutra Game offers lovers the opportunity to explore the sensual and sexual aspects of their body, mind, and spirit on the journey to experiencing ecstasy." That sort of carnal knowledge simply cannot be wrung out of a game of Connect 4. Believe us, we tried.

20. Nerve's Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards

$10; buy now at Amazon

Missionary, doggie, and cowgirl all feel great. So great, in fact, that you might be tempted to not deviate from them.

Now, it's certainly possible that those three positions are all you need, but it's quite possible that you can stumble upon a new favorite that takes your sex life into the stratosphere. That's where Nerve's Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards come in. Positions range from sweet and intimate to positively gymnastic. Pull one of the 52 cards once a month, once a week, or once a day to keep things hot and exciting.

21. The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit

$30; buy now at Yes For Love

I could explain what this is to you in a straightforward way, but the French sex games manufacturers' description is a sultry treat in and of itself: "The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit.comes with a fluorescent pink marker and a blacklight flashlight. The words are invisible: those you are longing to cry out. You must whisper them in the secret parts of the skin and let your love explore you. Centimeter by centimeter, the flashlight sweeps over the skin, lifting limbs and turning pages. Two shadows intertwined in the darkness of a bed play out the most exciting spy novels in the sultriest soft voices." Right?

22. 100 Questions About Sex

$13; buy now at Amazon

Coming up with raunchy questions to your significant other can be difficult. Enter 100 Questions About Sex, which are designed to tease out your most erotic stories and desires.

23. IOU sex checks

$4; buy now at Amazon

It should go without saying that you should never feel like you owe or are owed sex. However, within the confines of a loving relationship, it can be fun to play with the idea of sex as currency. That's why the IOU Sex book became a thing. "These naughty thirty IOUs will titillate and inspire you and your partner. Everything from a sexy striptease to sex in the position of your choice is included in this booklet with tear-out coupons."

24. Sex stack

$30; buy now at Amazon

Sex Stack is a lot like Jenga but with a sexual element. As with the block-stacking Jenga, the objective is to not have the stack topple on you when it's your turn. You and your partner have to pull a block out and perform a prescribed sexual activity the other. You may very well end up doing some foreplay activities you hadn't even considered. Learning through play isn't just for kids, ya'know.

25. Set an alarm

Being with one partner for many years can often result in an incredible efficiency when it comes to sex. You know what works for you and your partner, and you can get yourselves there in minutes—maybe even seconds—flat.

But that efficiency can often come at the expense of connection, exploration, and novelty. Decide on an outercourse activity that you both like—kissing, massage, oral stimulation, sensation play—and set an alarm for 15 minutes. Commit to doing only that thing until the alarm begins to ring. With only one activity, you may surprise yourself with your creativity and reap hitherto unimagined rewards.

26. Poker for Lovers

$32; buy now at Amazon

It's poker, but instead of playing for money, a winning hand will get you a specified sex act, bringing a whole new meaning to "I'll raise you."

27. Adult Loaded Questions Playing Cards

$13; buy now at Amazon

What can we say, the playing card format is one of the best when it comes to sex games. This card game features risque questions you can play at an adult-only party, or with your partner. You're bound to learn a thing or two about their preferences, or just get the conversation rolling!

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