This Beloved Store Is Making a Big Change to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Sephora is taking the 15 Percent Pledge to promote Black beauty businesses on its shelves.

Beauty giant Sephora has officially announced its plans to take part in the 15 Percent Pledge, devoting 15 percent of its shelf space to Black-owned brands.

The retailer made the announcement on June 10, becoming the first major retailer to take the pledge.

The 15 Percent Pledge was created by Aurora James, founder and creative director of sustainable footwear and accessories brand Brother Vellies, as a means of widening the audience for Black-owned brands and affording larger companies a concrete means of supporting Black businesses.

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Calling Sephora's decision "a historic contribution to the fight against systemic racism and discrimination" on the 15 Percent Pledge Instagram, James commended the beauty retailer for "their accountability and commitment as we join together in the mission to put billions back into the Black community."

Sephora was one of four companies initially called upon by James' nonprofit, with Target, Whole Foods, and fashion retailer Shopbop all named by the 15 Percent Pledge as desired candidates to join the initiative. James has since asked Walmart, Saks, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Net-a-Porter, and MedMen to do the same.

"Black people represent 15 percent of the population, and so stores like Target should make sure they're hitting 15 percent of Black-owned business on their shelves," James explained to Vogue. Want to support Black businesses with your financial contributions? Then check out these 17 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Online Right Now.

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