Hate Your Selfie? Here's Why You Don't Need a Nose Job

Plastic surgeons say selfies have led to a boom in nose-job procedures that aren't necessary.

The way that we present ourselves on social media has a huge impact on the way we view ourselves IRL. Sometimes, its impact on our body image can be used for good, as one study found that posting your fitness and weight-loss goals on social media inspires you to actually commit to shedding excess pounds. But all of those filters and angles can also distort our perception of our looks in a very unhealthy way.

Case in point: according to some plastic surgeons, selfies have caused a boom in requests for nose jobs from Millennials who don't realize that their noses look larger in the image than they do in reality.

"Patients under age 40 take out their phones and tell me they don't like how they look," Dr. Boris Paskhover of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark told Reuters. "They literally show me a selfie of themselves and complain about their noses. I have to explain that I understand they're not happy but what they're seeing is distorted."

According to a recent poll, 42% of surgeons have seen patients who want to get procedures specifically for the intention of improving how they look in selfies.

There's a very modern irony to the fact that they want to get nose jobs in order to get better selfies, when selfies are the very thing that are distorting their perception in the first place.

To get a sense of your face that more or less ascribes to reality, Paskhover suggests taking a selfie from five feet away which is  "a classic portrait distance… photographers have known this for decades."

If you hold the camera only one foot away from your face, as many people do in selfies however, studies have shown that the size of your nose will increase by around 30 percent.

Dr. Cemal Cingi of the Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey has a simple solution to the selfie-induced distortion that brings so many young patients to his office:

"I talk to patients about asymmetries before surgery and literally have them hold a mirror in their hands before we schedule a procedure."

Right. Remember mirrors? Those are still pretty cool.

Rhinoplasty isn't the only procedure on the rise; boob jobs are also experiencing a resurgence among today's youth, though for other reasons. You can read more about that in 20 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Breast Augmentation.

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Diana Bruk
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