See the Hilarious Kid's Halloween Costume That Has the Internet in Stitches

If you loved The Office, we've got a great getup for your tyke.

It's still only early October, and already we've seen some truly terrible Halloween costume ideas, like this "sexy" Handmaid's Tale costume that stirred up major controversy, and this Urban Outfitter's "Influencer" costume that's charging you for clothes you already own.

Now there's a new costume going viral, and because it's absolutely brilliant.

One of the most iconic moments of The Office happens in "Casual Friday" (Season 5, episode 26), when Kevin Malone brings in an enormous pot of his "famous chili" into the office and ends up spilling all of it onto the floor.

Now, with his balding scalp, chubby cheeks, and infantile demeanor, Kevin is often likened to a baby. So is it not totally genius to turn this moment into a Halloween costume?

Sadly, the costume isn't real, though it looks convincing enough, as the fake ad was made by the branding expert and Instagram influencer Adam the Creator. His Instagram post has gone viral with more than 44,000 likes, and it's made the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, as well, to great acclaim.

So some retail company needs to get on this ASAP!

Oh, also, he made a fake ad for a "Billionaire Stoner" baby costume that expertly trolls Elon Musk.

And for more ideas on how to incorporate your little one into a clever costume, check out these 23 Totally Genius Couples Costume Ideas.

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