See Britney Spears Stun in Her Sexy New Spokesmodeling Gig

Britney's back!

britney spears kenzo campaign

Back in the early aughts, Britney Spears was the pop star that made all the girls want to wear low-waisted jeans (to show off their glittery belly rings, of course). So it's only fitting that the 36-year-old icon be the one to bring back denim, as the new spokesmodel for a campaign by the high-end fashion brand KENZO.

Named "La Collection Momento for Spring 2018" ,the new line is a nostalgic tribute to the 1986 Paris runway debut of KENZO jeans. But, according to the website, its secondary theme is "icons," which is what made Britney the perfect face for the collection.

The mother of two looks fitter than ever in the ads, thanks to grueling workouts, which include lots of weights, ballet, and pole-dancing, set to her own pop hits.

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