Video: 5 Secret Places Where the Ultra Wealthy Are Traveling This Summer

The most exclusive beaches, castles, and adventures.

Aspen's pretty cool. You know what's even cooler? Banff, Canada. It's a simple fact of luxury travel: no matter where you're going, there's always someplace else more beautiful, more remote, more luxurious, and more exclusive. Well, except for these five locations. Consider them the secret places where the Davos crowd goes to unwind. We're talking about castles tucked away in forests, seaside towns barely caressed by the hands of time, or jeep rides through exotic, predator-packed jungles. So if you're looking to really elevate your summer vacation, read on. And to really turn this into an unforgettable adventure, book a flight that connects to an airport with an over-the-top sumptuous lounge.

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