Watch Sarah Palin Rap "Baby Got Back" on "The Masked Singer"

Palin revealed herself as the bear on The Masked Singer and then rapped the Sir Mix-a-Lot classic.

Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin spit live rhymes on Fox's hit competitive reality show The Masked Singer on Wednesday night. The onetime vice presidential candidate and political firebrand revealed herself to be the person behind the bear mask, and as the end credits rolled, Palin started rapping "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

One of the clues that producers gave to The Masked Singer audience about Palin's identity was the word "live" written on a Saturday date on a calendar, referencing Palin's famous appearance on Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey, who played her to such great effect.

Watch Palin's Masked Singer performance here, via Fox:

On Twitter, The Masked Singer fans were shocked by Palin's unmasking and her rapping.

Specifically, rapping about "big butts":

Roughly a decade ago, Palin was considered one of the brightest political stars in the Republican party. Her speech during the 2008 Republican National Convention electrified attendees at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and drew earnest comparisons to former President Ronald Reagan.

Palin is not unfamiliar with competitive reality shows, either. Her oldest daughter, Bristol Palin, competed on Dancing With the Stars in 2010 when Palin-mania was at its peak. Since then, however, Palin herself has had a mixed bag of professional and personal accomplishments. She resigned as governor in 2009 with two years remaining in her term, to pursue what was, at the time, a very promising media career. In 2015, she launched her own subscription-based web service that shut down relatively quickly.

After the Masked Singer episode aired, Palin tweeted about how much she loved being on the show—and she hinted she's not quite done with politics yet:

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