Sandra Bullock's Bizarre Facial Shocks the Internet

The Ocean's 8 star took a ballsy stand on skincare.

sandra bullock celebrity anti aging tips

Sandra Bullock is 53 years old, but you'd never be able to tell from her dewey, downright glowing skin. On Thursday, the Ocean's 8 star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she revealed the secret skincare regime that keeps her looking so fresh. Get ready, because it makes Madonna's beloved fork facial look normal.

Bullock had a hard time explaining the facial that she is currently so obsessed with, but she tried.

"Well, it's this way in which one forces, through microneedling, it's like a little roller with these…it pushes through the skin and ruptures the collagen and then boosts it," Bullock said. "You look like a burn victim for a day, but then it pushes the serum in."

"What are you pushing into the skin?" Ellen Degeneres asked with a knowing smile.

"You push in whatever the facialist would like to insert into your pores," she responded.

"But what is it?" Ellen pressed on.

"It is an extraction from a…um…a piece of skin that came from a young person, far, far away, and they somehow figured out how to extract…" she mumbled, before Ellen finally bluntly came out and said it.

"It's foreskin from a Korean baby. That's what it is."

Indeed, the Hollywood Epidermal Growth Facial, which is colloquially referred to as "the penis facial," is the latest celebrity beauty trend. Bullock has managed to convince her Ocean's 8 co-star, Cate Blanchett, to try it out, as well. Apparently, they both love it.

The pair got theirs done for $650 by New York celebrity facialist Georgia Louise. It seems that the enzymes in the stem cells of circumcised newborn foreskina are so powerful that they encourage rapid cell turnover, giving your face a tighter, youthful glow.

"I think, when you see how good it is for your face, you too will run to your local facialist and say, 'Give me the penis,'" Bullock said, which is quite the endorsement. Though, if you'd rather not do that, you can still turn your skin ethereal by mastering the 30 Ways to Get Your Best Skin.

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