Samsung May Be Killing This Popular Phone

Insiders say the company won't be producing it anymore in 2021.

There's some bad news this week for Samsung users, with insiders suggesting that the company is planning to discontinue its flagship phone next year. According to a report by Reuters, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may terminate the product as a result of a sharp drop in demand for high-end smartphones caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to find out the future of this beloved Samsung phone, and for more tech news, check out If You're Using This to Charge Your Phone, Stop Immediately.

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The Galaxy Note is one of the most expensive phones on the market.

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The Galaxy Note, famous for its large screen and an accompanying stylus for note-taking, has a price tag of $999, which makes it $200 more expensive than the iPhone 12. That has become a problem when many consumers are carefully watching their budgets. And for another popular phone that's going away, check out Apple Just Discontinued This Popular Phone.

People are spending less on phones overall due to COVID.

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Worldwide smartphone sales totaled 366 million units in the third quarter of 2020, a decline of 8.7 percent year over year, research company Gartner reports. And while Samsung held the No. 1 position with 22 percent of the market share, the Galaxy Note doesn't seem to be dominating. And for another brand suffering due to the pandemic, check out This Legendary Store Just Announced It's Filing for Bankruptcy.

Sales of the Galaxy Note have reportedly fallen 20 percent.

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According to Reuters, sales of Samsung Galaxy Note are expected to fall by 20 percent this year to 8 million. As a result, three sources told Reuters that there was no plan to develop a new upgraded version of the Galaxy Note in 2021.

Techradar also suggested that other issues were counting against the Galaxy Note: the lack of difference between it and the Galaxy S; the ability to use the once-unique stylus on other handsets; and a need to pare down Samsung's range once they launch more foldable phones. And for more up-to-date news delivered right to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

The Galaxy S would then become Samsung's leading phone.

Samsung Galaxy S Sign at Samsung store
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Instead, the leading model of the Galaxy S (the S21) will come with a stylus, and future versions of Samsung's foldable phone will also work with the attachment.

A new product launch from Samsung is due to arrive in Aug. 2021, so the company may change its approach before then. But at this point, all evidence suggests that the Galaxy Note may be coming to the end of the road. And for more of the latest tech news, check out why experts are warning that If You Have This on Your Phone, Delete It Now.

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