Samara Weaving Is Terrifying In This New "Guns Akimbo" Clip

Samara Weaving hunts down a pantsless Daniel Radcliffe in this hilarious Guns Akimbo clip.

If you've seen the 2019 smash hit Ready or Not, you know that Samara Weaving has no trouble wielding a firearm in a wedding dress. But the 27-year-old Australian actress has never been quite as petrifying as she is hunting down Daniel Radcliffe in this new Guns Akimbo clip that dropped ahead of the film's limited theatrical release on Feb. 28.

The movie stars Radcliffe as Miles, a hapless video game developer who unwittingly finds himself thrown into an illegal real-life death match that's streamed online. After making the mistake of drunkenly taking a jibe at Skizm, the underground gang that organizes the battles, he awakens to find two guns strapped to his hands and a trigger-happy killer named Nix (Weaving).

The new Guns Akimbo clip shows Miles running through the park in a bathrobe, without pants, and wearing egregiously large bear slippers as he tries to escape into his ex-girlfriend's (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) car. But in comes Nix with a rocket launcher strapped to her back, walking with the slow confidence of a trained killer, giving Miles the I'm-gonna-get-you smile.

And Weaving knows how intimidating her Guns Akimbo character looks. "I had tattoos all over my hands and face and I had a black and silver mullet and no eyebrows," she told Bloody Disgusting in 2019 of her transformation for the role. "It took like four or five hours to get into makeup, so I'd just go home with it on. … People would run away. I'd try and buy groceries and they would look very concerned."

Weaving will be getting in on even more action in the upcoming G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes, which is due in theaters this fall. Prior to that, you'll be seeing her in the much-anticipated Bill & Ted Face the Music this summer, as Thea Preston, the daughter of Bill (Alex Winter). And even sooner, this rising star will also be in Hollywood, a limited series set in 1940s Los Angeles, which hits Netflix on May 1.

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