6 Easy Getaways You Can Safely Take This Weekend

Social distancing is still possible if you're careful on these quick trips.

With warmer weather and Memorial Day on the horizon, many people are eager to do something special for the holiday weekend. However, with the majority of states' businesses still shuttered and social distancing still recommended, it can be a challenge to plan a safe escape. While your vacation may look a bit different this year, there are a few fun activities you can do to make the most of your long weekend. We talked with travel experts about some safe but exciting getaways you can take this weekend. And for more cool ideas, check out the 19 Summer Hobbies You Can Still Do During Quarantine.

Day trip

hands in blue gloves holding steering wheel
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Although public transit is being disinfected frequently, it's still not an optimal mode of transportation amid coronavirus since it only takes one sick person to infect a bus or train car. This is especially true for subways and other forms of mass transit where riders are typically crammed close together.

However,  if you own a car, taking a short drive down a scenic highway is a great way to get out without as much risk of picking anything up or spreading germs to others. Scan Google maps for some exciting day trip routes a few hours from home. Just make sure not to turn your quick jaunt into a long road trip as it's still not recommended to stay in hotels or cross certain state lines unless you plan on self-quarantining for 14 days after.

Camping trip

father son camping trips

If you're developing cabin fever from being stuck inside for so long, a night sleeping under the stars might be just what the doctor ordered. Pitch a tent in the safety of your own backyard or go on a backpacking trek in a remote area, both of which are safer than staying at a crowded campground.

Kampgrounds of America released a special COVID-19 edition of the North American Camping Report, which revealed that "Among all leisure travelers surveyed, 46 percent rank camping as the safest type of trip to take once travel restrictions are lifted." So, get your gear together and head to your worry-free wilderness getaway. Don't forget the s' mores! And to learn which spots you still shouldn't visit, check out 14 Places You Should Still Avoid When Lockdown Ends.

RV trip

Couple RVing

Driving a recreational vehicle is one of the safest options because they allow you to sleep, eat, and travel all in one space with the same group of people. "You can bring your own cleaning supplies, bedding, medicine, etc. and keep entirely to yourself," says Ashleigh Rudolph, founder and CEO of Pine Road Travel Co. "You can also stay completely isolated and have everything you need in your fully self-contained RV."

These so-called "houses on wheels" allow you flexibility and control in a way no other overnight stay can. You get to pick where you go and how long you stay, and you have the ability to change your mind at any time if you don't feel comfortable in a specific place.

Hiking trip

hiking in Redwood National Park California

It's unlikely to run into a crowd of people on a mountain, which makes hiking a great getaway for this weekend. Use the National Parks or All Trails websites to find a trail near home that you haven't check out yet. Pack a picnic and take the afternoon to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. You could even go on a Wild-inspired solo journey to be extra cautious of social distancing. After capturing some Vitamin D from the sun and getting your endorphins going, all the hours you spent in quarantine will melt away.

Fishing trip

Father and son fishing

The beauty of fishing is that you don't have to come in contact with other humans. This makes boating an ideal escape during the coronavirus pandemic. "Travelers should make the best of this situation and go fishing," says Joris Zantvoort of Fishing Booker. "It's one of the safest recreational activities that is also easily accessible anywhere around the country." Find a freshwater or saltwater spot where you think you may get some bites and enjoy the day on the water. If you're lucky, you'll even be able to bring home dinner.


Mother and son walking and scootering with masks on

The biggest adventure might be right around the corner from where you've been living during lockdown. "We've noticed an uptick in domestic trip requests and for staycations, and we think that the safest trips right now are not too far from home," says Lea Korinth, head of operations at travel company Jubel. Whether you're a new resident in town or have had the same address for years, there is always something exciting about exploring your own neighborhood. Just make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet away from passersby. And for more at-home ideas, check out these 50 Fun Things You Can Do at Home Right Now.