You Probably Never Noticed That These Classic Disney Movies Use the Same Sad Song

There's a reason those sad moments feel so familiar.

disney one hundred and one dalmations sad theme

For those of us who grew up with them, the classic Disney films from the 1960s will always hold a special place in our hearts. Movies like One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961), The Sword in the Stone (1963), and The Jungle Book (1967) made us appreciate the power of love and kindness and revealed some hard truths about the tragic aspects of existence, like death and disappointment, as well.

But there's one thing about these 1960s Disney movies that you might have never noticed, no matter how many times you've watched them. Take a closer listen—yes, listen—and you'll notice several of them use the same melancholy theme during the saddest parts of the movie.

On Thursday, animation reviewer @Animated_Antic posted a video compilation of heartbreaking Disney moments when the tune was used, and it immediately went viral. (Fair warning: Watching this video will probably evoke feelings of sadness.)

According to one Disney fan, the tune is aptly named "Sad, Sad, Sad."

Twitter users were quick to note that the melody comes up in other Disney films from the era as well, like Robin Hood (1973) and Sleeping Beauty (1959).

It turns out, the theme was created by American composer George Bruns, who's responsible for the scores of the aforementioned Disney classics, among many others. While he passed away in 1983, Bruns was named a Disney legend in 2001, in order to commemorate his astounding contribution to the magical world of Disney.

And while some might argue that it's a bit lazy to recycle the same melody over and over again, those of us who grew up with these Disney movies know there is no better way to express feeling down than these descending strings.

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