Rolls Royce's New Luggage for the 1%

If you're in the market for investment luggage — make that some serious investment luggage — Rolls Royce has delivered for you. The British company just unveiled their Wraith suitcase line, a 6-piece carbon fiber set is light, hardy and designed to nest perfectly within a Rolls trunk.

Rolls Royce Wraith Luggage

Created by the automaker's Bespoke department, the collection consists of two wheeled "Grand Tourer" cases, three weekender bags, and a garment bag that can be customized to order.

Rolls Royce Wraith Luggage

The Tourer's wheels sport the same double-R logo as the iconic cars, and the stitching matches the interior of the maker's new Wraith model. The full set will set you back $45,000, but the pieces can be bought individually at your local Rolls Royce dealer.

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