The Single Greatest Workout for Road Warriors

Don't have a gym in your hotel? You can still keep those gains.

The most important thing to do if you travel frequently is to establish a "best workout," a ritual, so to speak, that you do every trip—no exceptions. If you have to make up something on the spot, you're more likely to skip your training. One of my favorite in-the-hotel-room strength workouts involves only two exercises: A single circuit consists of five "pistols" on each leg and five explosive pushups. Although you need only 15 minutes to work out (every other day), you will maintain your muscle mass. Time yourself and see how many circuits you can complete in 15 minutes; try to beat that the next time. And if single workouts are your thing, be sure to check the best workout for turning back the clock. It'll be perfect for when you return home.


pistol workout

Start in a standing position with a chair behind you. Extend your arms in front of you and extend your left leg forward. Balancing on your right leg, slowly descend until your butt touches the chair; return to the starting position by reversing this motion. (Make sure to keep your foot flat on the ground.) Too difficult? Use a higher chair, or put pillows on the chair to raise the seat. Switch legs for the left side.


pushup hotel room workout

Start from the standard pushup position and, maintaining a rigid torso throughout, lower your chest toward the floor. Then push up explosively, ideally getting some air on the movement.

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