Rihanna Just Posted a Cryptic Photo and It's Driving Everyone Crazy

What are you trying to say, RiRi?

rihanna posts cryptic photo on social media.

Oh, Rihanna, how you like to tease us!

The pop star just posted a photo on her social media accounts that looked straight out of Twin Peaks: a pair of stacked television sets, one displaying static, the entire frozen on what appears to be a body parts next to someone's navel, in a neon red room. Even more enticing is the caption, "Didn't they tell you?" indicating that this is in, fact, a hint at some sort of big announcement, as opposed to her experimenting with avant garde photography.

Fans immediately scrambled to solve the mystery.

Does this mean there is new music on the way?

Or is this in regards to rumors that she was considering launching her own lingerie line, thereby expanding her fashion empire?

Are those two globules actually her breasts?

The people have a right to know!

For what it's worth, our theory is that the caption alludes to the line "didn't they tell you that I was a savage?" from her 2016 hit song, "Needed Me?" This would imply the photo is teasing a new album, which would make sense, since she has previously said that she had started work on her ninth album just months after releasing her multi-platinum selling Anti last year.

Or perhaps it's a tease to something completely unexpected. A new swimwear line, perhaps? It would certainly give Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall and Kylie Jenner a run for their money!

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