7 Remote Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

From hosting virtual summer camp to overhauling online dating profiles, these WFH jobs are so unique.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked financial havoc on much of the world, leaving tens of millions of people unemployed. Many "essential" jobs require employees to go to work in a store or a warehouse, which is something you may not be able to do if you have your kids at home with you or are high-risk for being infected. Working remotely may be the solution, but if you've never job-searched for work you can do from home before, you may not know what to look for. We've rounded up several remote jobs that we bet you didn't even know existed, from providing online daters with a second set of eyes to helping patients keep track of their medicine. And for more job advice, check out New to Working From Home? Here Are Tips From a Viral Twitter Thread.

Become a virtual camp counselor.

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Do you have fond summer memories of leading kids in arts-and-crafts or refereeing games of Capture the Flag? Well, it may not be the same virtually, but there are online camps that are seeking counselors. Although programs like these have been around for years, they'll be even more prevalent this summer as many camps have decided to take things online since they can't host campers in-person. Even celebrities like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have gotten in on this market, creating a new virtual kids camp with their brand Hello Bello, as CNN reported. To fulfill their mission, camps like this need adults to help teach, share skills, and monitor interaction. And for more about remote productivity, check out the 7 Genius Home Office Hacks That'll Make Working from Home Way Better.

Help online daters manage their profiles.

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Do you think you have major matchmaking potential? Then consider becoming a virtual online dating assistant. Many companies, from VIDA Select to Personal Dating Assistants, hire freelancers to handle online dating profiles for clients across the globe. This means offering suggestions for bios, setting up matches, and engaging those matches in interesting conversations as "ghost writers." According to VICE, many professionals use services like these because they find themselves too busy to spend a lot of time swiping through matches. Most of these companies require applicants to have some prior knowledge of popular dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, as well as communication and writing skills. And for more info on how playing the field is changing, check out I Did a Virtual Dating Event While Quarantining. This Is What It Was Like.

Host virtual escape rooms.

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Social distancing hasn't stopped puzzle fanatics from outsmarting escape rooms. Many escape room companies (including Puzzle Break, Enchambered, and Know Escape) have shifted to virtual play during this time, which means they need remote game hosts or "game masters" to help players by setting up virtual rooms and handing out clues. If you're already bored with your jigsaw puzzles and brain-busting video games, you may want to consider this job to satisfy your own curious mind. And for more brain teasers, check out 19 Puzzles for Adults That'll Keep You Busy For Hours.

Review company phone calls.

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If you've ever heard contacted a customer service line to hear an automated voice say, "This call is being recorded," you've most likely come in contact with a software company like Humantic. This business and others like it hire people to listen, review, and sort phone calls in order to help companies increase customer satisfaction and train new hires. To do this job, you'll probably need a reliable internet connection, personal laptop, and a headset or set of headphones. On average, these roles aren't high-paying, but there's no prior experience required.

Send people reminders to take their medication.

Senior Woman Talking on Smartphone with her Doctor to Inform about Medication Instructions. Elderly Woman Checking Medical Information While Using Mobile Phone (Senior Woman Talking on Smartphone with her Doctor to Inform about Medication Instructions

Remembering to take your medication can be difficult, especially if you're on several. That's why the company Pleio GoodStart was created. This health and wellness company employs people to work remotely as "GoodStart Mentors," providing medication help and reminders. Employees are trained to not only contact clients in a timely manner, but also to be empathetic and patient, particularly with senior patients. And for more ways to be of assistance right now, check out the 7 Easy Ways to Support Health Care Workers During COVID-19.

Help students study for standardized tests.

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If you consider yourself to be a great test taker, why not look into tutoring? Many high school students need additional help preparing for standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. According to Test Prep Advisor, the main requirement for most companies that match tutors with clients is that you've scored in the 90th percentile for these tests. For the SAT, that's a composite score of 1340, and for the ACT, that's a 29 or better.

Get paid to leave reviews.

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Many companies will actually pay consumers to leave reviews, whether they be for music, clothes, stores, or many other items and businesses. Some companies will send products to you to test, while others will have you listen to music online. And you can tailor your to-review list to what you're most interested in. Look into companies like Slice the Pie, Swagbucks, and ReviewStream for openings and guidelines. The base pay changes from company to company, but most of these sites give you insight on how to make your specific reviews earn more money. And for more tips for keeping busy, check out 10 Old-Fashioned Hobbies Making a Comeback in Quarantine.

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