Here's the Queen's Surprisingly Candid Joke about President Trump

Yes, she just compared him to a noisy helicopter.

As famously reserved as she is, we all know the Queen has a dry sense of humor that can't be matched. And it seems to especially come through when discussing the presidents of the United States (remember that hilarious video about The Invictus Games, where she responded to President Obama's challenge to "bring it" with a "Oh, really?").

Now, she's let her deadpan shine through once more in a clip with famous nature broadcaster David Attenborough. The 90-minute documentary, which has the queen walking the grounds of Buckingham Palace with the famous broadcaster discussing climate change and nature conservation, won't air in full on British television until April 16.

But ITV recently released a few clips on their social media accounts, and one in particular is going viral for showcasing a polite but hilarious dig at POTUS.

Hearing a helicopter in the garden, she says, "Why do they always go round and round when you want to talk?" Then, after a beat, she quips, "Sounds like President Trump… or President Obama."

It doesn't sound that funny when you read it, but, like any great comedian, it's all in the delivery.

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