Here's Queen Elizabeth Looking Utterly Dazzled by Justin Trudeau

No woman is immune to this man's charms.

This week, Buckingham Palace held one of its most glamorous evenings of the year with a state banquet celebrating the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

Justin Trudeau was in attendance, and it seems that—just like Ivanka Trump and countless others before her—the Queen was also smitten by the Canadian Prime Minister's undeniable charm.

The two have met before, and their last interaction even made headlines when the Prime Minister gave toast in March in which he thanked her for decades of "tireless service," prompting her to smile and say, "Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for making me feel so old." (The Queen, in case you didn't already know, has a wonderfully dry sense of humor.)

According to CBC reporter Thomas Daigle, the Queen thanked him for coming to the event, adding that she knew he probably couldn't stay very long because he had other things to do, like a shy schoolgirl on a first date.

Photos from the state dinner showed her grinning widely as they chatted.

Trudeau also had a chance to chat with Prince Harry ahead of his nuptials.

While you can't see his feet on this occasion, we're going to go ahead and assume he was wearing one of his signature colorful socks. Given that Trudeau, Prince Harry, and Prince William are also self-described Star Wars geeks, we'll go ahead and assume that he went with the oh-so-popular Wookiee ones.

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