12 Tweets From Parents Hilariously Struggling to Homeschool in Quarantine

These tweets about homeschooling in quarantine prove that not everyone was meant to be a teacher.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot of things already and one of the biggest takeaways for parents has been that it's pretty darn hard to do what teachers do every day. With most schools closing or postponing classes due to the coronavirus, many parents have had to start homeschooling in quarantine, and they're quickly realizing that teachers don't get paid enough to do all the hard work they do.

These tweets show just how hard it's been for parents to transition to homeschooling their kids—and their musings are truly hilarious.

1. Actor Misha Collins realized just how much his 7-year-old learned—or didn't learn—from him.

Hey, spelling isn't easy.

2. Meanwhile, this mom still can't grasp her times table.

She wasn't good at it then—and she's not good at it now. Thanks for the reminder, universe!

3. And even the kids agree that "it is not going good."

Gotta schedule in breaks so "mom can figure this stuff out."

4. Basically, all parents are just learning as they go. And the biggest lesson is "homeschooling isn't for everyone."


Listen, not everyone was meant to be a teacher.

5. This doctor, dad, and new homeschool teacher says treating coronavirus is easier than homeschooling in quarantine.

How can the actual military and working in a hospital during a global pandemic be easier than this?!

6. Sometimes, frankly, it's hard to tell who's the teacher and who's the pupil.

Don't forget to take notes, parents!

7. And some parents are taking a few liberties with their homeschooling lessons in quarantine.

What do you mean teaching your kids how to do the dishes isn't part of the curriculum?

8. Finally, the classic homework excuses make sense!

Parents will let the dog eat their kids' homework as long as they don't have to this homeschooling thing anymore!

9. Some parents have decided it's fine for their kids to just skip ahead to graduation.

Congratulations! Your eight-year-old is done, and more importantly, you're done.

10. After all, it's not easy when your kids don't take you seriously as their teacher.

The parent-to-teacher transition doesn't always go well.

11. Ultimately, everyone just really misses teachers.

Let's be honest, you can't wait until you can send your kids back to school.

12. And we can all agree that teachers definitely need to be paid more.

Clearly, teachers should be making a million dollars an hour.

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