This Royal Just Turned Down a Massive Annual Allowance

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands explained why she's rejecting the $2 million.

It pays to be born into a monarchy, but one member of the Netherlands royal family is breaking from a pretty lucrative royal tradition. Princess Catharina-Amalia, the oldest child King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, has issued a formal statement that she will not be accepting a customary multimillionaire dollar annual allowance. To find out more about the 17-year-old future queen and why she's turning down the stipend, read on.

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Princess Amalia said she would be "uncomfortable" accepting the allowance.

King Willem-Alexander and Princess Amalia
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According to the law, Princess Amalia becomes eligible for a $2 million annual allowance on her 18th birthday, which is this coming December.

The royal announced her decision to waive that privilege in a handwritten letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as reported by NOS. Per People, Princess Amalia wrote, "I find [the allowance] uncomfortable as long as I do not do anything for it in return, and while other students have a much tougher time of it, particularly in this period of coronavirus." She's the first Dutch royal to decline the allowance.

She'll be taking a gap year before university.

People also notes that Princess Amalia passed her final exams last week, marking the end of her high school studies. She indicated in her letter that she'll be taking a year off before starting the next phase of her academic career. She told the prime minister that she would repay the $400,000 she was allotted when she was a student. Princess Amalia graduated cum laude and congratulated other Dutch graduates in a caption on her family's Instagram account.

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Her choice to waive the allowance may be temporary.

Princess Alexia, Princess Amalia, and Princess Ariane
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Princess Amalia has been the heir apparent since her father was crowned in 2013. She's the oldest of a three girls; Princess Alexia (left) is 15, while Princess Ariane (right) is 14. As her father's heir, Princess Amalia has the title of Princess of Orange. She wrote in her letter that she would not accept the $2 million allowance "until [she] incur[s] high costs" in that position, so she may reverse her decision in the future.

The prime minister praised Princess Amalia for declining the money.

Princess Amalia
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Per NOS, the royal allowance is somewhat controversial in the Dutch government and is always brought up "when the budget is discussed in the House of Representatives." While Rutte made it clear that Princess Amalia's decision doesn't mean that the allowance will not be offered in the future, he did say that the people of the Netherlands should be pleased. He also said that Princess Amalia's rejection of the funds indicate that she'll be "a great queen."

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