Accuser of Disgraced Prince Andrew Reportedly Signs Book Deal for Memoir Titled "The Billionaire's Playboy Club"

Virginia Giuffre has signed a “multi-million dollar” deal per sources

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Prince Andrew is meeting with lawyers and considering trying to overturn the legal settlement he made with Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was just 17. The aftermath of the accusations took the Queen's son from a respected member of the Royal Family to a non-working member whose most noteworthy role is watching his late mother's dogs.

However, according to a new report, Prince Andrew isn't the only one who has been trying to make deals behind the scenes. His accuser has reportedly signed a major book deal to pen a memoir, worth millions of dollars. 

Giuffre Reportedly Signed a "Multi-Million Dollar Deal"

CBS News

Multiple sources confirmed to the New York Post that Giuffre has signed a "multi-million dollar deal" to write a memoir, detailing her yes of sexual abuse during her time spent with Jeffrey Epstein and others. There are no details so far about the book nor a confirmation of which publishing company has gotten the rights. 

The "Timing Is Hardly Coincidental"

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The Post points out that "the timing is hardly coincidental" of the book deal. As part of the deal Giuffre made with the Duke, she signed a one-year gag clause, keeping her from speaking or writing about the situation. However, the order is lifted next month. 

Legal Sources Say There Is Little Andrew Can Do About It


The newspaper contacted reps for both Prince Andrew and Giuffre, who were unavailable for comment. However, legal sources told the publication that it would be challenging for the prince to launch legal action. "It would be very difficult to overturn," one said. 

However, She Likely Won't Be Writing About Him

BBC Panorama

Even though the gag clause is expiring, sources maintain that it is unlikely Giuffre will be allowed to write about Prince Andrew or their settlement. However, the book will likely embarrass the Royal Family, nonetheless. 

It Is "Terrible Timing," Source Says


 "Andrew is going to obviously be invited to the coronation, although he will not be invited onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace. But the palace will want as little drama as possible, so this is terrible timing," a source said. 

Andrew Is Trying to Overturn His Settlement, Sources Claim

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Per the Sun on Sunday and Mail on Sunday, Prince Andrew recently consulted with lawyers to investigate if he could possibly get Giuffre to retract her allegations. According to sources, Andrew believes he was "bounced" into agreeing to the multi-million dollar deal and that he never wanted to make it, feeling pressured by his mother, the late Queen and his family. Sources told The Sun that he believes that if he fights the settlement he could return to some royal duties and "normality."

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