Porta-Potty Serves as Secret Passageway to Amazing Party, Goes Viral

Some people are describing it as "Narnia for adults."

What appeared to be a row of portable toilets at the UK's Eastern Electrics Festival left those who entered quite stunned, to say the least.

Almost always, what greets you when you enter a portable toilet resembles a Quentin Tarantino murder scene. But anyone who happened upon one of these stalls at the Eastern Electrics Festival in south London's Morden Park last weekend were treated to a shocking surprise:

As it turns out, the porta-potties were, in fact, the entranceway into an absolutely lit VIP indoor rave.

Some called it Narnia for adults.

Whereas others felt like it was something straight out of Harry Potter.

What's certain is that, from now on, some people will almost certainly start checking Porta-Potties, in hopes that they will be led to a secret rave. For more fun stories like this, check out Man Finds Mysterious VHS Tape And Couldn't Believe Its Contents—Video.

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Diana Bruk
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