These Are the 4 Places People Went Before They Got COVID, Study Says

These four spots could be risky locations when it comes to coronavirus transmission.

With businesses nationwide reopened, health experts are trying to discern which spots are the safest and which could be cause for concern. Now, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the reopened locations that may pose the highest risk of COVID transmission. The study found that there were four places in particular that could be a threat to public health. Among all of the study participants who went to these establishments, there was a higher percentage of positive COVID test results than negative test results.

To conduct their research, the CDC examined COVID cases across 11 U.S. health care facilities and found that the majority of the patients had either been in close contact with a confirmed COVID case, or had been to one of these four locations.

In their findings, the CDC displayed the ratio of patients at the health care facilities who received negative versus positive COVID test results. There were more positive test results for people who visited these locations than negative results. Due to the percentage of positive COVID cases associated with these places, it's worth being extra cautious before visiting them. And for more risky activities to avoid, here are 24 Things You're Doing Every Day That Put You at COVID Risk.

Church/Religious Gatherings

People wearing masks in church

Positive COVID cases: 7.8 percent

Negative COVID cases: 5 percent

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Man wearing a mask in the gym

Positive COVID cases: 7.8 percent

Negative COVID cases: 6.3 percent

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Bars/Coffee Shops

Coffee shop open during coronavirus

Positive COVID cases: 8.5 percent

Negative COVID cases: 5 percent

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Waitress wearing mask in restaurant

Positive COVID cases: 40.9 percent

Negative COVID cases: 27.7 percent

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