People Can't Stop Posting Photos of Their Grumpy Dogs And We Love It

Hey, even sweet pooches have their mood swings.

More often than not, dogs are so incredibly excited to see you when you get home that they forget you were ever gone in the first place. But, sometimes, whether you've been out for five hours or 15 minutes, you open the door to your apartment to find your dog lying on the ground with an expression that simply screams, "Where have you been?"

Recently, @KaelyrianSteel shared a photo of her dog's accusatory stare when she came home from a short trip to the gym or store, prompting other dog-owners to post hilarious photos of their dogs looking decidedly disapproving of being left behind. And for more on how your dog is communicating with you, check out the 19 Things Your Dog Is Trying to Tell You.

"Where Have You Been?"

dog "where have you been" photos

The photo that started the thread. This is basically how your mom looks at you when you sneak into the house at 4 am and turn on the lights to find her sitting on the couch, waiting. For a heartwarming story of a different response to coming home, Meet the Adorable Dog That Waits for His Owner's Train All Day Long.

"So You've Decided to Come Home After All"

dogs "where have you been" face

The paw on the armrest makes it that much more human.

"I'm Going to Lie Here Patiently While You Explain Your Absence"

dogs "where have you been" face

"We aren't dog owners, they are people owners," one user accurately wrote. For a study proving just how attuned your dog is to your needs, check out Science Says That Dogs Want to Help You When You're Sad.


dogs "where have you been" face

Send this photo to anyone who believes dogs don't experience human emotions. And follow that up with this study confirming humans are essential to canine survival.

"Have You Been Petting Other Dogs? Let Me Sniff Those Hands…I Knew It."

dogs "where have you been" face

This dog is very disappointed with your decision to leave.

"It's Been Seven Minutes and Thirty-Four Seconds"

dog "where have you been" face

The folded paws say, "I'm not angry <deep breath>, I just want to understand."

"So You've Decided to Come Home After All, Hmm?"

dogs "where have you been" face

This is another classic mom pose.

"Where. Were. You?"

dogs "where have you been" face

This dog gets up close and personal with his judgment.

"Please Don't Leave Me"

dogs "where have you been" face

This little guy has realized a "How could you?" expression can be an even more efficient tactic for keeping the human home.

The Backup Plan

funny dog photos

When facial expressions fail, seizing the luggage falls in perfectly with a dog's plan of keeping you home forever.

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