The Most Popular Halloween Store Won't Reopen 90 Percent of Its Locations

Only 10 percent of these costume shops will be open for Halloween 2020.

Halloween will undoubtedly feel different this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just released new guidelines asking people to avoid doing traditional trick-or-treating, going in haunted houses, and taking hayrides with people outside their household. But for those who still want to get into the spooky spirit of the holiday in the comfort of their own homes, the options for where to shop for costumes is dwindling. The most iconic Halloween superstore, Party City, is only reopening 10 percent of the Halloween City pop-up shops in 2020 than it usually does.

Party City announced this week that they would be opening about 25 Halloween City pop-ups, a small fraction of the 275 stores that sprung up last season. The retail chain still plans to hire around 20,000 temporary employees to support the stores during their busiest season, but expects they will only be able to retain about 10 percent of these employees post-Halloween.

Party City Halloween store

Party City also conducted a survey and found that 96 percent of parents plan to celebrate Halloween this year with their kids, but 70 percent of them will be seeking alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating. These findings prompted Party City to create the "You Boo You!" campaign, to promote celebrating Halloween safely while providing contactless shopping and curbside pickup.

"Despite the pandemic, we know that consumers are looking to celebrate and capture the special holiday spirit, even if it looks a little different this year," Brad Weston, Party City Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement. "We are confident that through our contactless options and heightened safety standards, we can deliver the much-needed joy and excitement of Halloween to our customers, while also focusing on our priority of keeping our employees safe."

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According to Weston, during the height of the pandemic Party City stores temporarily closed their doors for seven weeks before innovating their services to be COVID safe. The chain closed 45 locations in March of 2019, according to a statement, but did not suffer from permanent COVID-related closures. To see another store that didn't fare as well, check out This Beloved Discount Store Is Closing All of Its Locations.

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