Everyone Is Losing It Over This Halloween Costume of a "Ghosted" Girl

"I'm going as a Sexy Indictment of Modern Dating Culture."

women being ghosted Party City Halloween costume 2018

Last week, the Internet erupted in outrage after online retail store Yandy released a "sexy" Halloween costume based on the outfits worn by enslaved women in Hulu's hit show, The Handmaid's Tale. Now, another Halloween costume has gone viral, though this one has inspired (mostly) laughter rather than controversy.

For only $24.99, you can poke fun at the horrors of modern dating culture with this costume of a woman being ghosted. After all, is there anything scarier nowadays then sending a string of text messages to someone you've been intimate with and letting the realization that they are never going to respond slowly sink in?

People are loving this inventive, thoroughly 2018 outfit, and many are joking that it basically sums up their life at the moment.

Some have even sent a screenshot of the costume to someone that has ghosted them and, unsurprisingly, received no response. That has got to be meta-ghosting.

Others, however, are complaining that there's no male version of the costume, since ghosting is by no means something that only happens to women. Get on it, Party City!

And if you're curious about the dating culture that may have inspired such a costume, don't miss these 10 Women Share Their Hilarious Worst First Date Stories.

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