Mom's Relatable Facebook Post About Her Worries as a Parent Goes Viral

Jess Johnston's worries about if she's "enough" are connecting with parents everywhere.

mom describes worries of motherhood in viral Facebook post

On October 25th, Wonderoak blogger Jess Johnston shared a post on her Facebook page that any parent can relate to. Johnston, who lives in California with her husband and four kids, described what she worries about as a parent and the ways in which she thinks she could be a much better mother.

"I don't play with my kids as much as I should," she wrote. "I get grumpy. Yesterday they ate pizza for the second time this week."

She also doesn't love cooking or doing crafts, even though she "wished she did," and feels like she could do more chores. "My house is like one giant clothes and crumb explosion," she wrote. "I really should have them keep their rooms cleaner, but sometimes I just don't want to pick another battle."

She worries that it's her fault her kids "bicker a lot," and, at night, she's so tired that she falls asleep on the couch while eating snacks and watching TV. And when she does make it to bed, she lies awake worrying she could be raising her young kids better. "I find myself wondering if they all are brushing their teeth well enough," she wrote. "I'm too hard on the oldest and too lenient with the youngest. "

She feels bad for getting distracted with other worries and for not listening to them. "I wonder all the time if I'm doing a good job and if they know how much I love them," she wrote.

God: How do you think you're doing as a mom?Mom: Well I don't play with my kids as much as I should. I get grumpy….

Posted by Wonderoak by Jess Johnston on Friday, October 25, 2019

Johnston's post was posed as a conversation between her and God. At the end, God asks Johnston, "Do you love them?" "With my whole entire heart," she responds. "You sound wonderful," God says in return.

The post quickly went viral, gaining more than 60,000 shares in less than one week, and her message resonated widely.

"This has been a hard week for me, and I had a not so proud mom moment. … Every word of this is so true," one Facebook user wrote. "Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!"

"Absolutely love this," another Facebook user wrote. "Never feel I'm doing enough, but my boys are my world and I tell them I love them several times a day and always give a hug and kiss goodnight. Thank you for making me feel 'normal' – ish."

After all, we're all only human and, sometimes, we fail. We worry too much, and then we worry about worrying too much, and many of us are teetering on the edge of anxiety all the time.

But Johnston's post is a reminder that, as a parent, if you love your kids, you're doing enough. And if you're worried you're not doing a good enough job, well then, that's the sign of a great parent.

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