The Secret Reason Your Pan Handle Has a Hole

No, it has nothing to do with easy storage.

Frying Pan Pan Handle

Consider the pots and pans in your kitchen. Nine times out of ten, each will have a little hole at the tip of the handle. It's about the size of a quarter, and it's perfect for hanging the thing on a pot rack. And nine times out of ten, this is probably how you use it. But get this: that's not at all what the hole is meant for.

The hole, believe it or not, is meant for spoons.

That's right—spoons

While you may not realize it, there are secret features in many common objects in your home. As it happens, your kitchen might play home to the highest concentration of such objects; a deep look will reveal a bunch of tools equipped with near-hidden mechanisms designed to make the prepping and cooking of meals far easier and far more efficient.

For example, take the spaghetti spoon: inventors of this utensil carefully crafted the size of that hole in the center of to fit exactly one serving of dry spaghetti, allowing users to be more conscious of portion control—and to plan out larger meals more specifically.

According to the culinary maestros at Vapiano, the wildly popular fast-casual Italian food chain, most holes in pan handles aren't meant for hanging it on the wall but are actually meant to help keep your cooking space spick and span. By sticking the end of a kitchen utensil into the handle while cooking, it'll stand straight upright, leaving your counter-top—and everything else—mercifully spared of stray gobs of marinara sauce.

It's not just cleanliness, though

It can save your spoon, especially if it's plastic and thus prone to melting. Think about it: Every time you leave a plastic utensil resting idly in boiling water—against an equally scalding pot or pan—you run the risk of melting it like lava. Not only does this result in you being out a kitchen tool (not ideal), it could also leak bisphenol A. (BPA), a toxin common in most plastics, into your food (extremely not ideal).

So, check your pots and pans. If they don't have holes in the handles, you should give serious thought to swapping them out. Nearly all options on the market these days have the feature.

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