Video: This Common Everyday Painkiller Raises Your Risk of a Heart Attack

New research sheds light on the long-term risks of NSAIDs.

For some of us, daily life brings aches and pains. A stiff leg. Some run-of-the-mill lower back pain. Or maybe you knocked back too many martinis the night before. Whatever the case, chances are you reach for your trusty white bottle of ibuprofen, pop a couple, and 20 to 30 excruciating minutes later, you're feeling a little bit better. Well, as it turns out, ibuprofen—and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—might not be the magical cure-all we've grown accustomed to. In fact, this everyday painkiller may be dangerous, and here's why. And for more great advice on being in top-top health, brush up on the 100 easiest ways to be a healthier man now.

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