These PackIt Freezable Bags Are Genius—And They're All Under $30

This genius lunch bag is an amazing gift—even if you're just buying it for yourself.

colorful packit lunch bag

As a person with children, I find myself frequently toting around snacks with me, meaning my purses all inevitably become graveyards for Pirate's Booty, errant pieces of dried mango, and tiny containers of hummus I inevitably become too afraid to open after they've sat in my car on a warm day. Because, honestly, what's my other option? Giving my kids salmonella with a variety of room-temperature foods? Spending the rest of my life in a back brace because I added a three-pound ice pack to my bag, which already weighs as much as a baby elephant?

As it turns out, the solution isn't buying an endless stream of packaged foods or throwing caution to the wind and doling out lukewarm turkey sandwiches like I've got all the time in the world for an E.R. visit. No, the solution is the PackIt.

gray packit lunch bag
$22 at Amazon
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These genius bags are the same size as your average insulated carrier, but they're full of freezable gel, meaning the entire thing becomes an ice pack in just a few hours. That means no more heavy ice packs that drip condensation onto everything else in your lunch box and no more lukewarm food awaiting you if you forget to toss your lunch into the office fridge first thing in the AM. Better yet, the PackIt comes in tons of adorable prints, from subdued black-and-white patterns to cute mermaids your kids are sure to love.

However, it's not just bagged lunches getting the royal treatment here: PackIt also makes a freezable grocery bag perfect for toting everything from dairy products to delicate vegetables back from the store.

colorful packit grocery bag
$27 at Amazon
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And their piece de resistance is the company's freezable wine bag, meaning you never have to show up at a party or picnic with a bottle of lukewarm Chardonnay again.

packit black and white striped wine bag


$16 at Amazon
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If you want to get your hands on one of your own, head over to Amazon for more options.

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