The Single Best Way to Organize Your Socks

Never lose a sock again with this easy organizing trick.

Socks probably get misplaced more than any item in your home. According to a study from Samsung, the average person loses 1,264 socks over the course of their lifetime. Some, of course, go missing in your dryer's lint filter. But countless other socks are lost due to disorganization.

If you want to avoid becoming a missing sock statistic, we have the solution. According to professional organizer Karin Socci, owner of The Serene Home, there's a simple technique for keeping your socks organized for good.

Step 1: Place one sock on top of the other.

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To get started, put one sock on top of the other so that the ankle and toe of the two socks are perfectly aligned.

Step 2: Divide and fold.

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Divide the sock into three equal parts by making two equidistant creases in the sock's fabric with your hands. Then fold from the bottom up.

Socci suggests you fold your socks "end to end," bringing the toe up toward the ankle along the creases you've made.

Step 3: File them away.

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"[Line] them up vertically in the drawer," so that the sock pair is standing on one of its horizontal folds.

Step 5: Ditch the extras.

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Do you have too many socks to make this work? That means it's time to pare down your collection.

"You may just have too many socks and probably a lot of socks you aren't using!" says Socci. "So get rid of old socks that have holes or which are stretched out or don't stay up." And to declutter the rest of your wardrobe, check out these 20 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized.

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