This Surprising State Just Saw More COVID Deaths Than It Has Since May

It's one of the 15 states where coronavirus deaths are rising.

Some people may assume that the coronavirus is slowing down, and technically, they're not wrong when it comes to overall data from the past month. While the United States has still seen around 38,000 new coronavirus cases every day in the past week, that is a 10 percent decrease from the average two weeks earlier, according to The New York Times. But that doesn't mean numbers are decreasing in every state. In fact, one surprising state just saw more COVID deaths than it has since May: Ohio.

Ohio governor Mike DeWine announced that Ohio had reported 87 new COVID deaths in the previous 24 hours during a press conference on Sept. 15. That is the highest number of deaths the state has reported in one day since early May.

According to The New York Times, this is the third-highest one-day death count the state has reported overall since the start of the pandemic. On May 6, Ohio reported 90 new deaths, and before that, on April 29, the state reported 138 new deaths—its highest one-day count to date.

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However, not all of the 87 deaths reported necessarily occurred in the last day, DeWine noted. "This is the number of reported since the data was updated yesterday—basically what's reported in a 24-hour period. Key word is reported. Coroners have up to six months. Usually it does not take that long, but they have up to six months to certify a death certificate," he said.

DeWine clarified that 83 percent of the deaths reported in the previous 24 hours had occurred in the last month. But he did single out one reported death that appeared to have occurred back in May, and another that seemed to be from sometime around late June or July.

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This new report has brought Ohio's overall COVID death count up to more than 4,500, and it's made Ohio one of the 15 states where new deaths are increasing, per The New York Times. Not only that, but the only other states to have seen more new deaths in the last seven days were Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee—all states that have been actively discussed for their shocking coronavirus surges.

As for cases, nearly 139,500 coronavirus cases have been reported in the state since the start of the pandemic. But for the most part, Ohio's recent case numbers have stayed steady. There has been an average of about 1,070 new cases per day in the last week, which is actually an 8 percent decrease from the average just two weeks earlier, according to The New York Times. However, it's still a far cry from the state's 400 to 600 daily average in May and June. And for states that are doing well, Dr. Fauci Just Called This State the "Model" for COVID Success.

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