Bride Goes Viral For Her Hilarious “Office”-Themed Bridal Shower

No Tobys Allowed!

Bride Goes Viral For Her Hilarious “Office”-Themed Bridal Shower

Kayleigh Brown of Coral Springs, Florida, is such a huge fan of NBC’s hit sitcom The Office that she decided to make her upcoming nuptials this summer entirely themed after the show. “My signature drink is called That’s What She Said, our wedding website is, and our hashtag is #threatlevelwedding,” Brown told BuzzFeed.

So when her bridesmaids threw her a bridal shower last weekend, they knew they had to include plenty of references to the NBC sitcom. And let’s just say they did a lot better than Dwight and Jim when they threw that make-up birthday party for Kelly. (Editor’s note: If you haven’t see the show, please excuse the many, many inside references that follow.) For starters, there was the obligatory “IT IS YOUR BRIDAL SHOWER” sign, a play on the “IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY” sign made famous by the show.

Brown drank from a mug that read, “World’s Best Bride,” a nod to Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug.

There was a also giant jar of cheese puffs, in honor of the time when Michael started his own paper company with Pam and Ryan and they spent most of their time learning how to throw and catch these tasty treats.

The centerpieces were fantastic, especially the fliers of a local pervert that Pam sketched to resemble Dwight.

And, of course, no Tobys were allowed.

One of the bridesmaids runs a bakery, so she even created custom-made cookies with some of the best one-liners from the show, like “The worst thing about prison was the dementors.”

Brown said that even though she knew the party would be Office-themed, she was amazed by the amount of effort her bridesmaids put into the shower.

“I was completely blown away by the level of detail and thought that went into my shower,” she said. “My friends went above and beyond the call of friendship. Specifically what stuck out to me were the beet centerpieces and the Meredith mimosa bar. Hysterical and iconic.”

Brown posted some photos from the day on her Facebook page, and they immediately went viral, racking up almost 60,000 shares in less than a week.

“Truly though, this is all the work of my bridesmaids, and they deserve all of this attention,” she said. “They created a beautifully executed, hilarious, fun, and overall relatable party and the world loves it… They all worked so unbelievably hard on this shower and I can’t express my level of appreciation and love for my friends.” And if you loved this story, check out “The Office”-themed birthday party a hotel recently threw for actress Jenna Fischer.

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