Own the Night: The Sophisticated Man's Guide to Stepping Out in Style

Everything a man needs to know to maximize his moonlight hours.

own the night best life

Want to score the coolest table at a restaurant? Nail the best black-tie look in 2017? Make a flawless nightcap? Even grow the perfect date-night scruff? Read on, brother. Because we've pinged all of the top nightlife, style, and fine-dining experts we could find—and even scouted out America's hottest dens of iniquity and its greatest late-night locales—to assemble the world's greatest nightlife resource: "Own the Night: The Sophisticated Man's Guide to Stepping Out in Style," presented by Best Life and Mr. Burberry. The best news? You can download for free by clicking right here.

Consider it a Frommer's guide to going out—only a lot more complete, a lot cooler, and way more useful. With these savvy, upscale tips and tactics—whether you're on a sizzling first date, you're dining clients over Chateau Margot, or you're simply looking for a stellar way to pass the moonlight hours—you'll instantly become a master of the white tablecloth, the red velvet rope, and your local foodie scene. Because your best life doesn't begin tomorrow. It begins tonight. Cheers.

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