"World's Slowest Cop Chase" as Wanted Man Flees Arrest in Excavator

Car thief attempts to escape in a snail speed chase.

Police chases are a staple of entertainment—where would the action blockbuster be without scenes of hot pursuit? But an Oregon man provided entertainment of a different sort this week, when he attempted to evade police on a slow-moving piece of construction equipment. Read on to find out what happened to him, and where this sits in the recent pantheon of weird police chases. 

"World's Slowest Pursuit"

Washington County Sheriff's Office

In Hillsboro, Oregon, police were seeking Jesse B. Shaw, who had three arrest warrants and was wanted for stealing a car.

The authorities located Shawn on a property where he was operating the excavator. When they commanded Shaw to shut the machine down and surrender, he ignored them for several minutes while they followed the vehicle on foot for about half a mile. 

Sgt. Danny DiPietro told Fox TV it was the "world's slowest pursuit."

Man Arrested on Numerous Charges

Close up on key locking jail cell

Shaw eventually stopped and was arrested for eluding arrest, car theft, and violation of parole, police said.

On Twitter, a spokesperson for the Washington County sheriff's office said: "Deputies knew Jesse B. Shaw had three warrants and was wanted for stealing a car. They found him at a property north of Banks, driving this excavator and he ignored commands to surrender. Shaw drove the excavator over half a mile with deputies following on foot until he stopped."

The spokesperson added: "Shaw was arrested for attempting to elude police today, the stolen car charges from yesterday, and three warrants—Clackamas County for delivery of meth, Columbia County for eluding arrest, and a State Parole board violation."

Amused Social Media Reactions Quickly Follow

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Social media users found the questionable caper highly amusing.

"Oh wow. A snail speed chase," said one Twitter user.

"Digging a deeper hole," offered another.

"That'd be what, a 20 minute mile? Hope they passed their fitness tests," said another.

Not the First Low-Speed Chase Recently

Okalosa County Sheriff's Office

This is not the first time this summer that slow-speed outdoor equipment has been enlisted in an unsuccessful run from police. In July, a 40-year-old man in Holt, Florida, put a riding lawnmower in high gear and tried to outrun pursuing deputies. The police ultimately tased and apprehended the man, who had previously tried to avoid police by diving into a swamp.

And Not the Weirdest

Orlando Police Department

It's also not the strangest low-speed chase in recent history. That honor may go to a Florida woman who rode through an Orlando airport on a motorized suitcase while police pursued her on a bike. The woman had been prevented from boarding a flight because she seemed visibly intoxicated. She was later charged with battering a police officer and causing damage to his police car. 

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