Woman Rejects Man by Saying She Wants to Be Friends, is Sued for $3M for "Trauma"

The man refuses to take no for an answer.

A Singapore man is suing a woman who rejected him for "emotional trauma" after she rebuffed his romantic advances. K. Kawshigan reportedly agreed not to sue Nora Tan if she agreed to attend counseling sessions with him—which she agreed to take part in. Despite her best efforts to mollycoddle Kawshigan, he was not satisfied. Now, a year and a half later, he is escalating the situation by filing two lawsuits against her in the High Court. Here is why Kawshigan is suing Tan, and what legal authorities have to say about his case

Litigious Suitor


According to reports, Kawshigan and Tan met in 2016 and developed a friendship over the years. Kawshigan reportedly struggled with the idea that Tan had no interest in being in a relationship with him. Tan agreed to take part in counseling sessions with Kawshigan, but made it clear she did not have romantic feelings for him. Instead of accepting her "no thank you," he decided to sue her for millions of dollars in court. 

Two Lawsuits


Kawshigan filed two lawsuits against Tan for her refusal to be in a relationship with him. The first is a $3 million High Court claim for allegedly causing "damage to his stellar reputation" and "trauma, depression and impacts" to his life. There is also a second $22,000 magistrate's court claim against Tan, for allegedly breaching an agreement to "improve their relationship."

Abuse Of Court Process

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The $3 million High Court claim was unceremoniously struck out in January by Lewis Tan, the State Courts deputy registrar. According to Lewis Tan, Kawshigan's case was an abuse of the court process and "manifestly groundless and without foundation."

Man Accused of "Oppressing the Defendant"


Lewis Tan believes Kawshigan was using the courts to harass and punish Tan. "Considered in totality, I find that the present action was intentionally initiated by the claimant with the ulterior motive of vexing or oppressing the defendant by requiring her to defend various claims that fundamentally stem from the same factual matrix in different forums," Lewis Tan announced.

Official Supports the Woman


Lewis Tan made it clear he supported Tan for finally standing her ground after years of accommodating Kawshigan's unreasonable demands. "This court will not be an accessory to his calculated attempt to compel engagement from the defendant who, after years of massaging the claimant's unhappiness, has finally decided to stand up to his threats rather than cower and give in to his demands."

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