Woman Found Pythons Mating in Her Kitchen After Noticing Microwave Moving by Itself

“Not every day that happens.”

A woman in Queensland, Australia, was shocked to come home to find two giant pythons mating on her kitchen counter. The woman noticed her microwave had been moved and something (technically two somethings) was hiding behind it. She immediately called professional snake wranglers to take care of the situation, and they took photos and videos of the snakes. "Two Carpet Pythons Mating on Kitchen Bench! Wow…yes you read that correctly!" the snake wranglers posted. Their footage has to be seen to be believed—here's what happened next. 

Caught In the Act

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

The unnamed woman in Buderim, Queensland, came home to find something "off" about her kitchen—the microwave appeared to have been moved all by itself. After further exploration, the woman saw a giant snake's tail hanging over the counter… and behind the microwave she found two gigantic pythons mating. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Call In the Experts

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

The woman called in Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a local company that specializes in removing snakes from people's homes and offices. The snake catchers are well-used to seeing incidents like this during mating season and quickly and fearlessly got to work removing the amorous invaders.

Relocating the Love Birds

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

The Sunshine Coast crew took video and photos of the snakes, which they posted on Facebook under two different updates. "We arrived at a home in Buderim where two decent-sized Carpet Pythons had come into a lady's kitchen through an open window and decided to snuggle up behind the microwave! We were able to get there very quickly and relocate the two love birds back out into the bush where they belong."

Fearless Snake Experts

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

The snake wranglers shared footage of how they removed the snakes—and it's not for the faint of heart. "Hows this for a situation to walk in on in your kitchen,' their second post read. "A lady in Buderim called us after she noticed the microwave had been moved slightly and something was hiding behind it. Be sure to watch this afternoons epic video when Stu wrangles these two love birds!"

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Successful Removal

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

Video footage shows the snake wrangler "Stu" coming into the kitchen and having a chat with the homeowner, who says the snakes entered her property through an open window. Stu gets to work, grabbing a python in each hand. They immediately wrap themselves around his arms before he puts them into a black bag. He then releases them back into the bush to continue their relationship in peace. "Not every day that happens," he can be heard saying.

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