Video Shows Women Punching and Breaking Glass in Gym Over Weight Machine

Use of a squat machine turned to violence.

This was one high-impact workout. A wild viral video shows two women coming to blows over the use of a weight machine in a South American gym. Hair was pulled, punches were thrown, glass was broken, and Fitbits were likely confused by the unusual physical activity. Read on to find out what happened. 

Battle Over Weight Machine Escalates

El Universal/YouTube

​​The Daily Mail reports the video was taken in a gym in the city Sanarate, Guatemala, and the conflict appeared to erupt over the use of a Smith machine, which is used to do squats. A woman in black leggings is exercising on the machine while another woman in pink shorts attempts to work in. Pushing turned to hair-pulling, then slaps and punches followed. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Woman Slashed By Mirror

El Universal/YouTube

Other women in the gym rushed over to separate the brawlers, but they were unsuccessful for a time. The pair was locked in combat, pulling each other's hair. The woman in pink shorts was thrown into a mirror, which broke, causing deep cuts to the woman's arm and leg that required stitches. 

In Other Viral Brawling News


Be wary if you must get into a fight at the gym that isn't in the boxing ring: Chances are it will go viral. In April, a video was posted to TikTok of a fight that broke out between two senior citizens at a gym in Singapore. Although no punches were thrown, the two started shouting obscenities at each other, forcing staff to separate them—and encouraging gym-goers to start filming. 

D.C. Deputy Mayor Benched After Gym Conflict

ABC7 News

This week, the deputy mayor of Washington, D.C. was placed on leave after getting into a brawl outside of a Gold's Gym with a man who's believed to be a trainer there. Police told 7News the incident started as a verbal dispute in the parking lot between deputy mayor Christopher Geldart and another man, after Geldart opened his car door and struck the other man's car. At some point, the dispute escalated and police said Geldart allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat. The investigation is ongoing.

Sometimes, Walking Away Makes Headlines


And one fight that's not happening made headlines in recent weeks. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been rumored to be fighting YouTube celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul. But the Mirror reported last month that Tyson watched Paul spar in a Los Angeles gym for "30 seconds," then turned around and left, uninterested. 

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