Video Shows Well-Dressed Man Mysteriously Jumping Across High-Rise NYC Rooftop

“This is bananas.”

Is there a mysterious new superhero in New York City, or is it just someone with zero fear of heights? A mysterious, well-dressed man was caught jumping across the awnings of a Financial District high-rise, as casually as if he were simply jumping over a puddle in the street. It was also wet, and the man was wearing dress shoes. "I have no idea what dude was doing," says film director Erik Ljung, who caught the incident on camera from across the street. Here's what the video footage shows.

The New Jason Bourne?


Footage shows the man, wearing a dark suit and dress shoes, talking on the phone while wandering around on the part of the roof. He then—terrifyingly—starts nimbly hopping from awning to awning on the top of the 90 West St. building in NYC's Financial District, not losing his footing despite the slippery surface and nothing to stop him falling 23 stories down. He then climbs into an unlocked window and disappears. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

"No Idea" What he's Doing


Ljung captured the entire thing on video and posted it on his Instagram. He is clearly baffled by the man's behavior, as are other people heard in the background of the video. "Been getting a lot of questions… I have no idea what dude was doing. He was already hopping around from awning to awning when we first saw him. First from right of frame to left," Ljung says.

Wet Outside, In Dress Shoes


"Got to corner where I started filming (2nd slide), looks like he made a call and looked around for about a minute, then hopped back in the direction he came when we first saw him and then climbed in a window," Ljung continues. "It was wet out and he was wearing dress shoes. We were all watching like 🫣. This is right next to the 911 memorial on West St."

What Is He Doing?


Ljung and his companions are clearly shocked by what they're seeing. "Usually it's like a teenage kid that does sh– like this," one man can be heard saying. "Yeah, but it's an older dude wearing a suit," another responds. "What is he doing…there he goes!" said another as the man ran back across the awnings and into an unlocked window. "Is he doing parkour?"

Not His First Time?


Commenters on Ljund's video echoed his own sentiments. "This is so bananas! Clearly he has done this before," said one. "Hahaha. That's not a first timer. But that head scratch was like a dammit not again. Maybe he got locked out on the rooftop not knowing it would lock behind him. It's the shade drop after he enters that got me like whyyyy?" said another. "When you zoomed out I was like WTF 😱 Dude is wild and risky. I'm glad he is okay! You can't tell me that man hasn't done that before lol," another added. 

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