Video Shows Mountain Lion Turn Into "Kitty" After Discovering a Tree Swing

How to go from Mountain Lion to “Kitty Cat”

On a trail camera in Colorado, Thaddeus Wells recorded a mountain lion discovering a swing. The swing was really intended to catch bear cubs at play. It was then a nice surprise to find a recording of a mountain lion finding the tree swing. Read more on what happens next! 

A Discovery

YouTube/ Thaddeus Wells

At the start of the video, we see the mountain lion yawning and lying under the tree swing. She paws the swing, and we see her perk up as the swing starts to move. Keep reading to learn what happened next and see the video.


YouTube/ Thaddeus Wells

Back and forth the swing goes, as the mountain lion now swings the tree swing back and forth with her paw. If one didn't know any better, one would mistake her for a kitten playing with a cat toy.


YouTube/ Thaddeus Wells

The mountain lion sits up and appears fascinated by how she's able to control the swing with her paws. "You can see her mind at work. She seems surprised to find that it moved at all and then surprised to see it swings so far as to hover over her. She really focuses her attention on it for some time," Wells tells McClatchy News.


Mountain Lion Close Up

But, make no mistake, this mountain lion may look cute, but it's not your regular "kitty cat." According to the National Wildlife Federation, "Mountain lions are stealthy predators, hunting at night and often lying in wait for prey or silently stalking it before pouncing from behind and delivering a lethal bite to the spinal cord. Typically they prey on deer but also feed on smaller animals, even insects, when necessary. Like all cats, mountain lions are strict carnivores, and they only rarely consume vegetation."

Play Time

A mountain lion crouching down and staring.

"The mountain lion had been feeding on a deer prior to the discovery," Wells explains. "The swing is near a spring, so the area frequently attracts wildlife in search of water." And this is how the mountain lion had come upon the swing, to have a little play time before moving on.

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