Video Shows Dramatic Rescue of Father and Son From Boat Sinking in Boston Harbor

Luckily, they clung onto a floating cooler. 

From June to December lobstering is a hobby of many northeasterners. From the start of summer until right before the holidays, Boston Harbor fills up with boasts of men and women hoping to catch delicious lobster. This week a father and son set sail to catch some of the expensive shellfish and got more than they bargained for when their boat sank in the body of water where the Boston Tea party went down. Their rescue was caught on camera by a police body camera video. 

The Boat Sank in Boston Harbor

CBS Boston

The video features the rescue of a 76-year-old father and his son being pulled out of the water near Graves Light. The two were lobstering in the harbor when their gear got mangled up in the boat's propeller. The boat sank. Keep reading to see the video.

One of Them Clung Onto a Cooler

CBS Boston

Luckily, there was a cooler on board, which one of them was clinging to when officers from the Boston Police Harbor Unit spotted them. "As we approach, we saw just the tip of a submerged vessel," Officer Garrett Boyle said of the rescue. They used a feature on the police boat, which lowers the bow in order for officers to make the rescue.

'They Looked Nervous"

CBS Boston

"We got up to them, they looked nervous, you could see the fear in their face, they were cold, they looked very tired and weak. They were really struggling to keep their head above the water," added Officer Stephen Merrick. 

The Boat Filled with Water When It Hit the Rocks

CBS Boston

According to the men the engine died and they subsequently drifted onto the rocks. The boat started filling with water. According to the officers, if they hadn't been spotted when they were, things could have gone bad, as the temperature was decreasing. 

The Men Were Lucky

CBS Boston

Then men were very lucky to be saved. "You may have eyes on them, like oh we have them, they're safe, but they're not, it's very quick," Boyle said. "You can even be looking at them and they can drop right under and we will never get them again, it's scary." Both men were treated for mild injuries and the boat was recovered. 

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