​​Video Shows Bride's Gown Catching Fire Twice Without Her Even Noticing

Woman saved by a wedding guest.

It was a wedding nightmare beyond the imagining of even the world's most paranoid bridezilla: A new bride's wedding dress caught on fire not once, but twice—and it was all caught on video. Read on to find out what happened, and how water—and a lack of water—can be equally disastrous as fire at wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Perhaps Too Memorable


TikTok user @holblythe was the bride in question, and she posted a video of the unfortunate incident on Sept. 12. Sparks were visible as the bride-to-be walked down the aisle when the full skirt of her wedding dress brushed up perilously against two of the lit candles that lined both sides of the runway. "Providing the entertainment down the aisle," she wrote on the post. "Keep watching to see my whole dress nearly go up in flames twice and me not even noticing!" Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

"Noted: No Candles on Floor With Poofy Dress"


In the video, a wedding guest springs into action, possibly extinguishing the burning dress and lifting it away from the candles. "Oh gosh! You definitely had someone protecting you that day," one TikTok commenter wrote. Okay note to self. No candles in the aisle," wrote another. "Noted. no candles on floor with poofy dress," said another.

Water Also Treacherous For Weddings

Amanda Coulter/WKYT

As hazardous as fire can be to a smooth wedding ceremony, so it seems can water. A bride and groom in Casey County, Kentucky, were shocked last week when the minister performing their waterside ceremony fell into the pond before he could get a word out. WKYT reported that minister Jason Coulter's notes were blown into the pond by a gust of wind, so he bent down to fish them out and ended up tumbling into the water himself. Naturally, the incident was caught on video. 

"This Is a Good Thing," Minister Said

Amanda Coulter/WKYT

Luckily, the minister regained his composure and things proceeded as planned. "I think everybody kind of looks to something special at wedding occasions. At the time it was chaotic, but after it was over, this is a good thing," he said.

Another Bride Says, Hold My Beer


As traumatic as those incidents may be, they have nothing on last year's disastrous wedding ceremony of Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell, in which the bride passed out, vomited, then got a nasty surprise. Darnell, who posted footage of the chaotic scene on TikTok, said that she was dehydrated and hadn't eaten before the outdoor ceremony, which caused her to fall ill in the hot weather. Her sister, who was holding her baby, came to the rescue of the fallen bride, only for the infant go to the bathroom on her dress. "Now I have a story to tell at my nephew's wedding someday," the newlywed said.

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