Video Shows Groom Dislocating His Shoulder While Trying to Sing Hardcore Metal Song for His New Wife at Wedding

“In sickness and in health.”

A wedding should be an event to remember—but for one couple, it was unforgettable for less than ideal reasons. Groom Adam Quinn and bride Helen spent their wedding night in a hospital in Sydney, Australia, after he dislocated his shoulder attempting to serenade his wife with a hardcore metal song. The entire incident was caught on camera—and luckily, Adam made a full recovery, although he didn't get to attend the rest of his wedding. Here's what happened to the couple.

Wedding Rescheduled


Adam and Helen had to reschedule their wedding four times thanks to COVID issues. "It ended up being a Sunday which we didn't love because everyone had to work the next day," Helen said, adding that Adam had already planned the perfect song to sing to her. "He thought it would be funny to serenade me on the night by singing Parkway Drive." Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Wedding Drama


According to Helen, things were going wrong before the wedding even took place. "Three days before the wedding I had no dress," she says. "I finally found another one and I tried it on for the first time the night before and it was too short." She also had a bad hair experience with dye that left orange patches in her blonde hair, which was hidden on the day with a low bun.

Disaster Strikes


The wedding went off without a hitch, until it was time for the reception—and time for Adam to serenade his new wife. Putting a chair in the middle of the dance floor, he told Helen, "This one is for you." "I was like, 'Oh my God no' I knew exactly what he was going to do. I was mortified," Helen says. She ran off the dance floor and let Adam dance with his friends.

Dislocated Shoulder


While dancing, Adam slipped on the alcohol-soaked floor and tried to stop himself from falling by extending his arm, dislocating his shoulder in the process. "He came out to me and he was as white as a ghost," Helen says. "He told me that he thought he had broken his arm. It turned out he had dislocated his elbow. We basically just snuck out the back door of the reception."

In Sickness and In Health

ambulance on the road

Adam was given painkillers and had his shoulder popped back in. He spent the night in hospital sleeping off the injury, which is where Helen snapped a tongue-in-cheek "In sickness and in health" photo. "It's pretty embarrassing and I get a little triggered looking at the photos and watching the video," Helen says. "We also had a water taxi booked to leave the venue in and the taxi company had to cancel on the morning as the swell was forecast to be too dangerous but it worked out as we exited on the ambulance anyway." Here's a look at the video:

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