Video Shows Coyote Removed From Bathroom Stall at California Middle School

He was “shooed in” by teachers.

Authorities were called to a California school after a coyote was spotted hiding in the bathroom. Riverside County Animal Services posted a video of the incident online, and the reaction of their officer when he saw the animal at Mission Middle School. "That's not a pup," he can be heard saying. "That's a full-grown coyote!" The officer took a video of the incident and explains why he thought the animal ended up in the school. Here's what happened, and how the officer got the coyote safely out of the school. 

Coyote In the Bathroom


Officer Will Luna from Riverside County Animal Services took a video of the coyote, which was huddled next to a toilet in a bathroom stall. "Alright, we're at the school, they said there was a coyote in the bathroom," Luna says, opening the stall door slowly. "Oh, that's not a pup. That's a full-grown coyote. Oh boy. He's very scared." Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Rescued and Released


Luna noted that the animal was alarmed, and doing its best to hide behind the toilet in the stall. "Let's get you out of here," he tells the coyote. Luna managed to catch the animal and took him out to be released into the wild. The officer made a point that the coyotes are reacting to their natural land being taken over by new developments, which explains why they might be exploring further afield.

Bon Voyage


"It's becoming more and more difficult to relocate them with all the development for the new homes," Luna notes. He opened the cage holding the coyote, and after a bit of confusion, it took off into some undergrowth. "See you later, man," Luna says. "Bon voyage… run, run, run. There it is, free as a bird. Feel better now. My job is done—for this call."

Coyotes In California


Coyotes are found throughout most of California. "We are pleased that this incident was smooth and all the children were OK, and we were able to get the coyote back to its more natural habitat," Animal Services Director Erin Gettis said in a news release. "There are dedicated wildlife corridors and other open spaces, such as green belts, and these are areas where animals live. Due to population adjacent to these natural, open spaces, we are going to have encounters."

No One Was Hurt


Animal Services also tweeted about the incident, sharing more photos of the coyote. "Officer Will Luna removed a coyote from @JurupaUSD's Mission Middle School. No one hurt. The coyote was essentially shooed away by staff and it zipped into open door before start of school. Staff kept bathroom off limits, of course. Coyote released into the wild."

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