Video Shows Man Taking Camel to Drive-Thru in Las Vegas For French Fries

Fergie loves fast food.

A new viral video shows a man stopping off at a Las Vegas drive-through for french fries—while leading a camel. The order was for the animal, of course. Read on to find out who the man—and the camel—are, and why this isn't their first unusual public excursion. 

Not Your Everyday Customer

ABC7 News

In the video, aired by ABC 7 on Tuesday, the man is seen leading the camel through a In-N-Out drive-through on a leash to pick up an order of fries. The man is an animal handler, and the camel is a rescue that lives in the local sanctuary Jeffry's Farm. And it loves to eat french fries. A crowd gathered to take photos, while the anchor commented on how unfazed the animal seemed by her environment. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Fergie Loves Fast Food


The 12-year-old camel, named Fergie, is a star of the rescue sanctuary's Instagram account, where her adventures have been documented since April under the hashtag #FergietheCamel. She apparently has quite a taste for fast food and is seen being taken on visits to Wendy's and Einstein's Bros. Bagels. Her handler noted that when it comes to In-N-Out, the camel prefers regular french fries to curly ones. "They're Fergie's favorite," he said.

Social Media Reacts


In a video posted by NowThisNews, the fast-food outlet's staff is seen laughing while observing their customer, and Fergie sniffs the order as it's handed over as if to verify it's correct. Meanwhile, Instagram commenters had some fun. "Just Vegas things," wrote one. "Animal style," said another, referring to the fast-food chain's topping option. "Three laughs literally out loud."

Animal Seen on Regular Public Excursions


In another Instagram post, Fergie is seen inside a Bass Pro Shops. "We love our neighbors and how supportive they are of Fergie and her adventures!" her handlers wrote. In another post, Fergie is seen outside a Chipotle. Her handlers explain that the excursions are part of her training, "working on desensitization and socialization with people."

Sanctuary a Viral Favorite


It's not this animal rescue's first brush with viral fame. In 2016, Brandon Nobles, owner of Jeffry's Farm Rescue, decided to offer a trial goat yoga class, featuring goats at the rescue. The class was filled within a day. Nearly six years later, Nobles and his associates offer weekly goat yoga classes and a biweekly sunset class followed by a wine tasting. Proceeds support the rescue's operations. 

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