These 8 Meat Products Should Be Thrown Away Immediately, USDA Says

Don't let these popular foods compromise your health.

The perpetual question of what's for dinner just got a bit more challenging to answer, now that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced a massive meat recall. Eight different types of meat totaling more than 20,000 pounds are affected, and the USDA says that no one should consume any of them right now. Read on to discover if a product in your kitchen could be putting you in harm's way.

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The USDA announced the recall of multiple meat products due to contamination.

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On May 28, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that King's Command Foods, LLC had recalled approximately 20,025 pounds of fully cooked poultry and meat products.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that the products may contain milk, eggs, and/or wheat, none of which were specified on the products' labels. Milk, eggs, and wheat are among the "Big 8" allergens, a group of the most common food-related allergens, which must identified on any packaged foods subject to inspection by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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Eight meat products are affected by the recall.

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The affected meats from King's Command Foods include the following:

  • 10-lb. bulk-packed cases of 3.75-oz rib shaped pork patties with barbecue sauce with a use-by date of 3/2/2022 and codes 2549616/72314
  • 15-lb. bulk-packed cases of 3.0-oz. rib shaped pork patties with barbecue sauce with a use-by date of 3/2/2022 and code 72314
  • 15-lb. bulk-packed cases of 0.50-oz Swedish meatballs with a use-by date of 1/7/2022 and code 72148
  • 14-lb. bulk-packed cases of Swedish meatballs with sauce with a use-by date of 1/7/2022 and code 72147
  • 10-lb. bulk-packed cases of 0.50-oz chicken and beef meatballs with a use-by date of 1/7/2022 and code 72180
  • 10-lb. bulk-packed cases of 0.50-oz meatballs with a use-by date of 1/14/2022 and code 01380
  • 10-lb. bulk-packed cases of .5-oz homestyle meatballs with a use-by date of 1/7/2022 and code 00133
  • 20-lb. bulk-packed cases of .5-oz Italian style meatballs with a use-by date of 3/2/2022 and code 72182

The products were sold in 10 states.

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The affected meat products were sold in California, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

In addition to the products' aforementioned codes and expiration dates, the affected meats can be identified by the establishment number EST. M1515A, which is printed within the USDA mark of inspection on all of the products' packaging.

If you have the recalled foods, the FSIS says do not eat them.


While, as of the recall date, no adverse reactions or illnesses related to the consumption of the affected meats had been reported, the FSIS says that people who have purchased the affected products "are urged not to consume them."

Instead, you should return them to the point of purchase or throw them away, the FSIS recommends. If you have eaten any of the affected foods and experience symptoms that may be related to their consumption, contact a medical professional. If you have questions related to the recall, you can also call King's Command Foods' Customer and Consumer Hotline at 1-800-829-2838.

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