If You Bought This at Ulta, Throw It Away Now, FDA Says

The products may be contaminated with ingredients that could cause life-threatening reactions.

When you're shopping at a beauty retailer like Ulta, your biggest concerns are likely price, quality, or whether or not the product you're considering is likely to play up your best features. However, you might want to consider just how safe those purchases are, now that a recall notice has been issued for a product from the popular retailer. Read on to discover if you should be purging your home of this product now. And for more safety hazards to avoid, If You're Using This to Make Coffee, Stop Immediately, Experts Warn.

Ulta Beauty Collection hand sanitizers are being recalled.

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On April 28, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced the recall of three lots of Ulta Beauty Collection Fresh Lemon Scented Hand Sanitizer in 3.4-oz. size. The recalled hand sanitizers, which were produced by Scentsational Soaps & Candles, Inc., were sold at Ulta Beauty locations in California, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The affected hand sanitizers can be identified by UPC number 717897092017 and lot numbers 20357A, 20358B, and 20363C. And for the latest recall news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

The products may be contaminated with methanol, benzene, and acetaldehyde.

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The recalled hand sanitizers may be contaminated with methanol, a type of wood alcohol; benzene, a flammable chemical; and acetaldehyde, a chemical compound considered toxic to humans.

According to the recall notice, in significant amounts, exposure to methanol can cause "nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system, or death." Benzene, which people can experience reactions to through inhalation, consumption, and skin exposure, may cause leukemia, blood and bone marrow cancers, and potentially-fatal blood disorders. Acetaldehyde "can possibly cause cancer in humans," the recall notice states.

If you bought the recalled sanitizers, stop using them.

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If you purchased the recalled hand sanitizers, stop using them immediately, the FDA suggests; the affected hand sanitizers can be returned to the Ulta from which they were purchased. The recalled hand sanitizers have already been removed from Ulta stores. Anyone who purchased the recalled hand sanitizers can also contact Scentsational Soaps & Candles, Inc.'s customer service line at 855-554-8050 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET on weekdays with questions. If you have used the recalled products and are experiencing potential side effects, contact a medical professional. And for more personal care products to toss now, If You Take This Popular Vitamin, Stop Immediately, FDA Warns.

Products from the same company sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls have also been recalled.

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Scentsational Soaps & Candles, Inc. products sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores are also subject to recall due to potential methanol, benzene, and acetaldehyde contamination. The affected products include Coconut Breeze Black and White Hand Sanitizer, Eucalyptus & Mint Black and White Hand Sanitizer, Lavender & Herbs Black and White Hand Sanitizer, Lemon Zest Black and White Hand Sanitizer, and SS Tangerine & Guava Black and White Hand Sanitizer, produced under the SS Black and White Collection label. Additionally, Coconut Breeze Photo Real Hand Sanitizer, Eucalyptus & Mint Photo Real Hand Sanitizer, Lavender & Herbs Photo Real Hand Sanitizer, Lemon Zest Photo Real Hand Sanitizer, and Tangerine & Guava Photo Real Hand Sanitizer, produced under the SS Photo Real Collection brand, have also been recalled. All of the affected products were sold in 3.38-oz. size and their UPCs and lot numbers can be found on the FDA recall page. And if you want to play it safe, If You Bought This at Walmart, the FDA Says Stop Using It Immediately.


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