"Disrespectful" Female Tourist Sparks Outrage After Climbing and Dancing on Steps of Sacred Ancient Mayan Temple

“It’s like dancing on top of a grave.”

A tourist sparked outrage in Mexico after climbing a sacred Mayan pyramid and dancing at the top. The woman was mobbed by angry locals when she came back down, throwing water bottles at her and chanting "jail." The entire incident was caught on camera phone footage and posted on social media. "There are human remains inside there. It's like dancing on top of a grave. The disrespect," one commenter said. Here's what happened.

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Trespassing Tourist


Climbing the 79ft Kukulcán temple at the Chichén Itzá archaeological site, classed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, is prohibited by law, so the tourist was already breaking rules by trespassing. The unidentified woman, who is reportedly from Spain, not only climbed up the UNESCO-protected site but started dancing at the top. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.



The video shows the woman, wearing red pants and a blue shirt, gyrating at the top of the pyramid while outraged tourists and locals watch from below. People can be heard yelling at the woman in Spanish, cursing at her, and calling her an "idiot." It's unclear if the woman understood the crowd was jeering at her rather than cheering her on.

Mobbed By the Crowd


There was no doubt as to how the people felt when the woman finally got down from the pyramid—she was mobbed by the crowd, who yelled at her and doused her in water. At one point, someone is seen snatching her hat, which she grabs back as she is escorted away from the angry group.

Arrested and Fined


According to Riviera Maya News, the tourist was led away from the site by National Institute of Anthropology and History personnel and then arrested by police. She has reportedly been fined according to the rules of Article 55 of the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Monuments. 

Dangerous Move


The stairs of the temple are extremely steep and dangerous for would-be climbers. "Apart from the disrespect idk why people would want to climb it. Steps are so steep. It's kinda scary to come down," one commenter said. "Why can't people BEHAVE when they go out. So embarrassed for her and horrified for these people as they watch something so sacred be disrespected," said another.

"It's not allowed anymore due to the rock deteriorating and they are trying to preserve it. She should have respected it. She is a guest in another country and should respect that country's rules. It doesn't matter that you could used to climb it. It's still disrespectful," another said. 

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