Thieves Jailed After Allegedly Trying to Sell Stolen Motorcycle to Rightful Owner

Not the brightest criminal minds at work.

Two men were arrested after attempting to sell a motorcycle to the person they stole it from. The alleged suspects apparently took the bike from a person in Pikit town, in Cotabato province, Philippines. They then posted the bike online for sale—and got more than they bargained for with the prospective client who wanted to buy the Honda XRM 125 motorcycle. Here's how the two men got caught and what the police response was.

Crime Of Opportunity


Mosram Adam and Sul Kipos of Pikit town were arrested after a sting operation by local police busted the pair for robbery. Adam and Kipos allegedly stole a Honda XRM 125 motorcycle that was parked outside on the street in Barangay Rosary Heights. They intended to resell the bike, but perhaps they didn't go about it in the sneakiest way.

That's My Bike


Alliudin Aliman, the owner of the stolen bike, was taken aback to see his property listed for sale on Facebook. Not only was it posted online, but there were contact numbers for prospective buyers to get in touch. Aliman did get in touch—but he spoke to law enforcement first.

Prospective Buyer


Aliman contacted the Cotabato City Police Precinct 1, which is led by Major John Vincent Bravo. Bravo and Aliman came up with a plan to get the bike back and catch the thieves who took it. Aliman contacted the unwitting thieves and pretended he was a buyer who wanted the bike. At that point, the pair had no idea he was the actual owner.

Sting Operation


With the help of the police department, Aliman set up a time to get the bike and pay Adam and Kipos the money they were asking for. The sting operation was set—and successful. Instead of getting money for the bike they stole, the alleged criminals found themselves in hot water with law enforcement.

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Close up on key locking jail cell

Adam and Kipos were arrested for stealing the motorcycle and are said to be in a detention facility awaiting prosecution. Depending on whether or not this is the first offense and how much the bike is worth, they might face possible jail time.

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